Woman spends £24k turning herself into ‘Bimbo Barbie’ with K-cup boobs

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A woman has forked out more than £24,000 turning herself into a “real life Barbie”.

Jessy Bunny was banned from playing with dolls when she was little and her parents weren’t keen on her applying lipstick and being girlie.

But despite growing up in a conservative rural village in Germany, she was determined to be different.

Jessy, who loved dressing up as a child, decided to move to Vienna, Austria, when she left school in 2019.

Aged 18, the Barbie spent the £6,000 her parents had saved for her during her childhood to pay for breast enlargement surgery.

She risked the wrath of her parents by boosting her cup size from an A-cup to a E-cup – but has no regrets as she felt much more confident after.

Jessy said: "I was raised in a village in Germany and always wanted to wear makeup and be and act more girly.

"My parents' didn't like it when I wanted to be more feminine or showed interest in makeup and styling.

"When I left school, I moved to a bigger city and started to become more feminine.

"I used the money that my parents saved for my first set of breast implants.

"I really loved how my world reacted to them and they gave me a huge confidence boost.”

The boob job inspired the influencer to get more cosmetic procedures.

In August 2020, when she was 19, Jessy underwent a second £6,000 breast enlargement to increase the size of her breasts to a whopping 1300cc K-cup.

She’s also splashed out £6,000 on lip fillers, £1,500 on Botox, £2,000 on cheek and chin fillers, and £2,500 on liposuction in recent years.

Jessy revealed: "Five months after my breast surgery, I got my first set of lip fillers and now I am totally addicted to them.

"In August 2020, after many more fillers, I had my second round of breast implants, this time increasing them to 1300 CC.

"This officially made me the teen with the biggest set of implants in Europe and I can't wait to make them even bigger."

The Barbie fan has since fallen in love with the “Bimbo” look that was popularised by X-rated animated 3D art website 'dollproject' and influencers like Candy Charms and Alicia Amira.

Jessy explained: "Now, I want to turn my body into a total Barbie doll body complete with extreme lips, extreme tits and an extreme ass.”

The influencer’s plastic looks have helped her to stand out on Instagram, where she boasts 20,000 fans.

She also has a legion of male admirers – and some ask if they can be her sugar daddy.

Jessy said: "I get a lot of attention from men who love the fantasy of being my sugar daddy but in reality most don't want to pay for anything, they just want to sext about it.”

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Jessy cashes in on this attention by sharing sexy snaps on Instagram.

She said: "On my OnlyFans, I get people asking for a whole range of different videos but the most common is bimbo hypnosis and POV videos.

"Sometimes it's nice to hear people say something as simple as 'I love your smile' though."

Now that she’s found fame, Jessy hopes to expand her fanbase further by going under the knife more times.

She added: “Being part of the bimbo community makes me extremely happy and I love all people who participate in it," said Jessy.

"The best thing about it is that anyone can become a bimbo, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or skin colour.

"In that sense it is one of the most inclusive communities out there.

"The future is going to be packed with more surgeries, a lot more fillers and more fun."

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