Woman transformed bathroom covered in 50 years of dirt into DIY spa

A woman transformed her neglected bathroom into a luxurious bathing suite by using simple DIY hacks.

Hilary York, 30, from North Carolina, US, is a content creator who posts on TikTok as LightsCameraYorks, and she managed to save hundreds of pounds on transforming her bathroom.

Her floor had over 50 years of dirt caked into it, but she used money-saving tricks to clean the space up.

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She told money-saving community LatestDeals.co.uk: "We bought a fixer-upper and have been renovating it one room at a time.

"Our bathroom was run down, it was dingy, it was outdated.

"The floor was caked on with dirt, the sink was super rusted, the faucet had seen better days.

"The electrical outlets were cracked and falling apart, the window was covered so there was poor lighting in the room."

Hilary had a budget of $500 (£411) to renovate the space, and she generated the funds by selling pinecones on Etsy.

She has pine trees on her property that produce large pinecones, so she started making craft idea videos on TikTok with them.

Crafters saw her cutting pinecones into flowers and showed interest in purchasing them so she opened up an online store and got buyers right away.

"These types of pinecones are hard to find and tough to cut, so I started doing the work to sell them," she added.

"When we ran out of money for renovations I started using the funds from selling pinecones towards upcoming projects like this one.

"I ended up going slightly over budget, spending $625 (£514) in total, but when I did research online it would easily have been a few thousand dollars for a renovation like this so I still saved money."

Hilary snapped up the supplies from Home Depot, Lowe’s and Amazon to carry out the work, and she had most of the tools already.

She wanted the bathroom to feel like a spa, and she thinks she pulled it off.

When you are renovating a bathroom on a budget you want to mix the old with the new, so Hilary decided to give the vanity a makeover instead of replacing it.

She said: "I sanded it down and added a fresh coat of paint.

"I went with white as I already had a tub of paint lying around.

"My mum donated some knobs for the doors she wasn’t using, and I was so thankful for that because knobs are so expensive.

"I ripped out the wallpaper by using a scraper and soaking the paper with laundry detergent softener and water beforehand.

"It took 30 minutes in total. I painted the walls using wall paint I already had.

"After that I replaced the light fixtures and outlets, changed the toilet seat and replaced the mirror.

"I repaired the drywall by sanding it down, applying joint compound, sanding again until the wall was smooth, priming it and painting it."

She added: "Next up was the floor. 53 years of dirt had just built up on the tile.

"I didn’t have the luxury of ripping it up, it would have cost too much.

"I went out and got a grout removal attachment for the Dremel Multi-Max tool I had, and I also got a bottle of Zep Grout Cleaner.

"It worked like a dream!"

It took Hilary three days to remove the old grouting and regrout the floor, but she said it was worth it.

The process reminded her you don’t have to replace things, as you can restore what you already have and it can look brand new.


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