Woman who rarely wears clothes loves being naked but would never shop nude

A woman revealed why wearing clothes gets in the way of her truly expressing herself.

Lucy Muse, an artist from Cardiff, Wales, has no problem with ditching her clothes – even in cold temperatures.

The now content creator lives a "clothing optional" lifestyle after becoming a more "naked person" at university.

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She wears as little clothing and aims to spend the majority of the day naked.

While she doesn't feel vulnerable with her kit off, Lucy understands it's not everyone's cup of tea.

Lucy chose this way of life as it's how she chooses to express herself.

And when it comes to labels, she makes it clear she prefers the term "naked person" over nudist.

She told Fabulous: "There are a lot of terms that relate to other types of naked lifestyle – naturists, nudists.

"They're very much their own thing, and they're very positive things for the people who associate with those terms.

"My term is 'naked person' and that suits me."

And while she loves being nude, Lucy would never visit the supermarket naked.

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She said: "It is legal to be naked in public in the UK, but I use common sense.

"I don't go to the shops naked, for example. I don't put myself in those situations."

Lucy started this lifestyle while she was training to be an artist at university in Cardiff.

Now she lives a "clothing optional" lifestyle because she feels as though it saves money along the way too.

She even makes visual art using her naked body and sometimes performs with pals who share her lifestyle.

Lucy's also taken part in nude protests, like the World Naked Bike Ride London.

And when it comes to sharing her lifestyle, the content creator posts on TikTok where she boasts 7,000 followers.

She concluded: "[The reaction's] been really positive, and I've found a lot of other people who share my lifestyle.

"Obviously there's some trolling on there, but that doesn't really bother me.

"It's something to be expected if you're doing something different or living alternatively."

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