Xmas Bells: The Worlds Most Expensive Christmas Decorations

As the year descends into December, it is time for families to begin their Christmas preparation and grab their Christmas decorations from the basements. Around the world, it is a time to celebrate tradition, family appreciation, and reconnect with loved ones. Along with buying gifts, people begin decorating their Christmas trees. The decorations consisted of colored papers, popcorn strings, candles, sweets, and other simple ornaments back in the day. Christmas today has become about creating an atmosphere that looks luxe and contemporary. Many companies and people go beyond their way to buy expensive decorations and design their trees uniquely.

From Christmas decorations to the Christmas trees, expensive decorations are usually high in price due to the jewelry used to make them. These figures and trees become iconic over time and become a part of history. Let’s take a look at the most expensive Christmas decorations in the world.

10 Diamond Christmas Bauble ($136,000)

In 2009, Hallmark Jewelers created the most expensive bauble globally that costs a whopping $136,000. The sphere is made from 18-carat white gold and designed with a snowflake-cut pattern. As mentioned by LuxuryLaunches, it is made from 1,578 diamonds and surrounded by two rings made from 188 encrusted rubies. The center band has three one-carat diamonds, and it took over 130 hours to make the bauble.

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9 Denmark’s Christmas Tree ($150,000)

Copenhagen, Denmark, was lit up when Swarovski unveiled a public Christmas tree in a Danish amusement park to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Christmas market. The tree was decorated with more than a million multicolored bulbs and 100,000 encrusted lights. It dazzled with 3,000 Swarovski crystals that enchanted the public.

8 Santa Figurine In Gold ($1.6 million)

Created by the Japanese company Ginza Tanaka, unveiled two Santa Claus statues made from 1.7-carat pure gold. It took three months to complete the 44-pound figurines. The Gold Santa Claus has a belt encrusted with 1.7-carat diamonds, and the bag was also made from gold. It had 90 microns of gold wire, and the contents inside it were also made from pure gold, which hiked its cost to $1.6 million.

7 Mini Christmas Tree From Preserved Roses ($1.8 million)

While many stores and places like to show their extravagance with a giant Christmas tree, Japanese department store Takashimaya went the other way and only displayed a 40 cm Tree. It was designed by Claude Quinquaud, a flower boutique in Paris using preserved roses. The $1.8 million Christmas tree had diamond-encrusted roses purchased from Africa and Australia.

6 Swarovski Crystal Tree ($1.8 million)

Swarovski took things to a new level when it unveiled a 30-meter Crystal Christmas Tree in Hong Kong. Costing $1.8 million, the tree was made with silver and gold rhombus-shaped mirrors that looked like window panes, and it dazzled with 20 million crystal pieces by Swarovski. According to The Richest, the Christmas Tree has interactive lights in 200 crystal pieces.

5 Gold Coin Tree ($2.6 million)

Pro Aurum, a German gold dealer, created the most expensive Christmas tree in Europe in 2018 when he made a tree using gold coins. Costing $1.95 million, the tree was 10 feet high and produced in association with the Austrian Mint, as stated by Huffington Post. The tree was made from 2,018 gold coins to commemorate the year that was ending and finished with a gold star on top.

4 Gold Christmas Tree ($4.24 million)

Ginza Tanaka stunned Japan yet again in 2012 when the company painted Japan gold with its stunning Christmas Tree. The 2.4-meter high tree weighed 88 pounds and was decorated to celebrate the 110th Anniversary of Walt Disney. It took two months for ten artisans to complete the $4.24 million gold tree decorated with Disney characters like Tinker Bell, Cinderella, and Mickey Mouse.

3 Diamond Christmas Wreath ($4.6 million)

Finnish florist Pasi Jokinen-Carter unveiled a stunning Christmas Wreath in 2013 adorned with the most luxurious flowers and jewels in the world. It was woven with flowers like hand-curled eucalyptus leaves, blueberry stems, and Hedera berries. It cost $4.6 million and had several jewels, including 40 diamonds and rubies.

2 Abu Dhabi Christmas Tree ($11 million)

Emirates Palace Hotel went big in Christmas 2010 when it unveiled a 13-meter fake evergreen tree valued at $11 million. The tree was decked with necklaces, solid gold bracelets, and expensive watches. The look was completed with ball-shaped ornaments and silver and gold bows.

1 Spain’s Christmas Tree ($15 million)

The Kempinski Hotel Bahia in Spain emerged victorious in 2019 when it set the record of displaying the most expensive Christmas tree globally, worth $15 million. The tree dripped with natural diamonds sponsored by British designer Debbie Wingham, as reported by Forbes. It was decorated with diamonds in the shades of red, white, black, and pink. It had expensive diamonds like a $5.5 million red oval diamond, $2.6 million pink diamond, $590,000 black diamond, and many more.

Other notable Christmas Decorations include a $6,960 Singing Reindeer, $7,459 Crystal Wrapping Paper, and $14,000 Swarovski Tree Stand. The list shows that jewelry has become an essential staple in elegant Christmas decor. These decorations brighten up Christmas events worldwide with their luxe and extravagance that spare no expense.

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