Your Horoscope for the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio Is Here

Full Moons are a time for releasing and relinquishing. If you have an excess in your life, then this is the time for it to be drained. Through silent meditation, exchanging of thoughts, or spiritual practice, Full Moons are a point when we can let go.

World, let me tell you about the power of exposure. In Greek mythology, the first woman on Earth was Pandora. She was created by the gods, and each of her deified parents gave her a gift relevant to their rulership. Pandora was born on Earth as a punishment—she was feminine, crafty, deceitful, stubborn, and curious. Tough fate. To make matters worse, the Gods gave her a pithos, a box. Pandora was literally created to be a martyr, so before you blame her, lead with empathy! Imagine having a precious gift from your heavenly parents, one that collects spaces and taunts your Hermes-given curiosity. She did try to keep her wonder at bay until she opened the box and unleashed supreme evil into the world.

On May 16, 2022, at 12:124AM, EST, the Full Moon will be in the zodiac sign of Scorpio; this Full Moon is also a lunar eclipse. There’s a stereotype out there that Scorpios are questionable and suspicious. But unlike Gemini, their curiosity is motivated towards practical matters. Gemini wants to know for the sake of knowing, but Scorpio seeks out answers so they can make strategic moves.

Under this Full Moon, the universe will find a way of revealing the spies within your life. If you’ve been concerned about untrustworthy friends or potential enemies, let go of your fear and let those around you be revealed. Just try to avoid jumping to any conclusions or assuming the worst. For now, take note and pay attention. This Full Moon is trine Jupiter and Mars, meaning the information being revealed during this time is meant to enlighten, not enrage. The Full Moon is also trine Neptune, so be careful—not all is as it seems. Patience will not stir you wrong. Even when evil surrounds us, we should always remember that hope lives within the pithos— even if we are unable to see it!

Read your horoscope for the Full Moon/lunar eclipse in Scorpio:


There seems to be an energetic vampire situation, so be careful. Are you or someone else draining energy unnecessarily? This Full Moon is a great time to pull back and reflect. It’s likely that you’re giving more than what’s reasonable; whether or not you need to preserve your or someone else’s energy is up to you to decide.


The universe is reminding you that relationships will only ever be a priority when you’re capable of feeling secure within yourself. Now might not be the time for you to lean into your friendships or lovers. Some of you may experience fated breakups; try not to let it decrease your sense of self-worth.


This is the time for you to trust your intuition, Gemini. You are the type to pick up on information so quickly—somehow, you just know. If you have had feelings that something needs to be cut off, that means you have meditated on that thing for a while. With your ruler Mercury being retrograde right now, you will benefit from self-reflection.


It is annoying to recognize what was previously learned has no purpose in your life anymore. Whether it is because the information is outdated or was taught to you incorrectly, you have no more use for it. Releasing it is inescapable, I regret to inform you because it sucks to be wrong. How you pick yourself up and move forward will mean everything, your community is still supportive of you.


Whoa—you’re supposed to be focusing on your career and not your home life. Not sure how many of you have felt fixated or like you need to control your housing or family members. This is not the time to worry too much about those matters; you must release the need to have all the answers. Put your energy towards your external world, and you will receive more gratification.


Sit down and be humble. With all the knowledge in the world, we can invalidate all we know with one pompous slip-up. Sitting with the awareness that you have value is enough; sit with that and allow everything else to unravel. If you are called to speak, then respectfully share—the universe has a way of calling on us when we are needed. An open mind will help you. Comprehension is blocked when we are know-it-alls.


If your heart is blocked, then you will only ever suffer in love. This astrological alignment is suggesting that you value your anger so much that you may struggle to let it go. You’re supposed to release it, along with whatever secrets halt your ability to find peace. Intimacy is coming in your direction. Resistance will not dismiss that we all need someone.


Hey, hey, Scorpio. No need to control anything that wasn’t mean’t for you to have. There is no used crying over spilled milk—seriously, it’s dairy on the floor, why cry over that? How does it benefit you to become a perfectionist as a response to failure? You need to release the idea that you are the one who has ultimate control in order to let love in. It’s coming for you, so be open minded.


Get out of your head—seriously. Your overthinking is running you towards your own demise. The world is as it should be for now. Some of you were expecting new beginnings, but it looks like your time is better spent focusing on what you already have. Once you enjoy the blessings intended for you in the present, you’ll be able to manifest more of what you want. For now, focus on what you need and how you can give what you have to help others.


This Full Moon is giving stay-at-home vibes. As exciting it sounds to go outside and explore the world, you’re probably better suited keeping to yourself. Direct your energy towards creative projects. When was the last time you made a delicious dessert or experimented with mocktails? You’ll find that caring for yourself during this Full Moon means experimenting at home.


Do the exact opposite of Leo and turn your attention towards your home life and family. You will always have your legacy; it’s not going anywhere. If it comes to choosing your loved ones or your career, for now it is best to choose the people who will always stand by you. You may find that things fall apart; please do not worry. What will be will be, and you will most definitely be fine.


You internalize anger; you may not see it, but darling, it is there. It looks like you’re secretly intellectualizing your experiences and your feelings. Things get chaotic if you are avoiding the root of your problems, Pisces. When you speak your mind and express your truth, you’ll find that maybe you were getting lost in cognitive distortions. Speak up and give yourself a chance to be right.

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