5 Classiest Couples From 90 Day Fiancé (& 5 Most Ratchet)

90 Day Fiancé is TLC’s reality TV show that’s taken the world by force. Couples from different countries apply for a fiancé visa to live with their partner for 90 days, at the end of which, they should get married. Whether the couples met online, on apps, or vacation, the truth remains these are incredible stories.

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Over six seasons, there have been couples who seem reasonable, and some couples that make you grip the edge of your chair as you try to imagine their motives. Here at the 5 classiest couples from 90 Day Fiancé, & the 5 most ratchet.

10 Danny And Amy – Classy

The two lovebirds met on season two. Danny is from Pennsylvania and Amy is from South Africa. They met on a bible-study trip and, because of their faith, waited until their wedding night. So Amy lived with Danny’s brother during her 90-day visa.

Their relationship had some complications, mainly that Danny’s father objected to the marriage because of Amy’s race. However, compared to some others, Amy and Danny kept it classy. The two are still married and Amy and her father in law are coming to understand each other better.

9 Mohamed And Danielle – Ratchet

Mohamed moved from his country of Tunisia to Ohio to be with Danielle who is 15 years older than him. Many say they’re one of the most explosive couples on 90 Day Fiancé. There were questions surrounding Danielle’s finances, and shortly after they married in season two, Mohamed left and moved to Miami asking for a divorce.

Feeling used and claiming fraud and infidelity, Danielle tried to file for an annulment so that Mohamed would have to leave the country, which we found on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After.

8 David and Evelyn – Classy

Although there were some rough patches for these two, overall they were quite well matched on season five. 18-year-old singer-songwriter Evelyn and 27 year old David met on social media, and the couple went through the K-1 visa process in Evelyn’s small quaint town in New Hampshire.

Other than some issues with immaturity, arguing, compromise, and a few complaints from a friend, Evelyn and David married without much of a hitch. The two have relocated to LA for Evelyn’s music career, and she was recently on American Idol season 17.

7 Jorge And Anfisa – Ratchet

This couple sparked a lot of controversy in season 4. Jorge grew medical marijuana in Los Angeles, California and met Instagram model and influencer Anfisa online. Anfisa had many requests for her soon to be husband including an expensive house, an extravagant ring, and a monthly allowance.

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When Jorge showed reservations about the spending, she broke his phone and keyed the word idiot into his car. Many viewers had a lot to say about this pairing, but the drama continues as Jorge is currently serving a sentence for felony charges.

6 Jon And Rachel – Classy

Jon and Rachel met on an app singing Karaoke. Rachel lives in New Mexico and Jon is a former football player who lives in London. Although there was a bit of drama surrounding his criminal record and how it could affect his visa process, and a small argument about text messages with Jon’s ex, the couple had relatively smooth sailing on season two.

Although they are currently unable to live in the same country because of his criminal past, and her custody arrangements, the couple did, in fact, get married.

5 Luis And Molly – Ratchet

The couple from season five met on vacation to the Dominican Republic. Despite a big age difference, and knowing each other for a short time, Luis moved to Georgia to live with Molly and her children. He proposed quickly despite reservations from Molly’s family. Though she is a successful businesswoman, she is unlucky in love.

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It quickly seemed Luis wasn’t willing to be a stepfather and they had many arguments before he moved out. Then they dropped the bombshell that they were already married.  They eventually divorced, and Luis remarried.

4 Andrei And Elizabeth – Classy

Also from season five, the young couple met on a dating app, and then in person during a vacation to Ireland. Andrei is from Moldova and relocated to Florida to be with his fiancé. Admittedly the couple had some obstacles, mostly to do with Elizabeth’s family’s disapproval of the relationship and Andrei’s strict rules for his future wife.

However, Elizabeth was quick to chalk it up to cultural differences and the couple did get married and her whole family was in attendance. The two lovebirds recently had their first baby.

3 David And Annie – Ratchet

David and Annie met in Thailand, where David lived for four years after his life crumbled in the states. They faced many problems, starting with David’s inability to pay Annie’s dowry, his lack of finances upon returning to the USA, to his alcohol use and lying to his family about being engaged.

The couple argued as Annie was put into cringe-worthy situations when David asked for even more help from his friend Chris, attempted to reconcile with his family and even reconciling with Annie before they married in season 5.

2 Kyle And Noon – Classy

This couple from season three had an interesting start, to say the least. Kyle was a bartender living in New Orleans in an unhygienic bachelor pad with an often nude roommate. He met Noon from Bangkok as he was planning a trip.

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It seemed that Kyle had some growing up to do and some issues from his past, namely his relationship with his mother. Even though they had obstacles, this couple struck a chord with viewers for showing each other a lot of love. The two are still currently married.

1 Paul And Karine – Ratchet

These two are a fiery, seasoned 90 Day fiance couple from Kentucky and Brazil. They have appeared on several seasons of the original show and other series spin-offs. This volatile couple has had a lot going on from language barriers to visa denials, accusations of infidelity, threatening divorce, miscarriages, and their son’s birth.

Above all, the couple is oddly matched, Paul appears to be a worst-case scenario survivalist but doesn’t have the necessary funds to support his new family. The two are now rumored to be going through divorce proceedings.

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