Brian May health: Queen guitarist on heart attack treatment – ‘It’s given me my life back’

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Queen guitarist Brian May has struggled through a number of health problems during the lockdown. Not only did the 73-year-old rip his Gluteus Maximus while gardening, but he also suffered a heart attack. But now the rock legend is feeling a lot better and his getting fighting fit for Queen and Adam Lambert’s tour next year.

Speaking exclusively with, May said: “It’s actually a bit of a miracle because if this had happened, I guess, 20 years ago that would have been it really.

“When I was growing up you heard somebody had a heart attack and it was kind of the end of their lives more or less. So I was very fortunate to have had this incredible team who dived in.

“They didn’t do the by-pass operation, they did the angioplasty which is a million per cent less invasive than an operation.”

The 73-year-old said how he had three stents put in which was “very, very successful.”

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