Daniel Craig vows to maintain ripped James Bond physique after quitting role

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Daniel Craig is trying to maintain his James Bond physique and workout devotion for the sake of his family.

The actor vowed to stay in shape after he needed a year to get ripped for his last outing No Time To Die, which is one of the world’s biggest streamed Christmas movies.

The 53-year-old hero has a three-year-old daughter with partner Rachel Weisz.

Father of two Daniel explained: “When I started Bond three months would probably have been enough to get into shape and get my s*** together.

“And it was a year now (for No Time To Die).

“And If I let it go, as I would do in between Bonds, it would be a lot to do with the injuries.

“I don’t need those ups and downs now. I want to try and maintain a certain level of fitness – and I am getting old.

“We have got children and you have got to keep fit for them,” he said on Sirius XM’s Best of 2021 interviews.

But Craig feels it will be easy to keep daily workouts up as he will no longer have to deal with recovery from injuries sustained playing Bond over 15 years.

He admitted: “If I go into another orthopedic surgeon’s office and he has a model of a knee or shoulder to pull it apart and show me I do not need to see it.

“I do not need to f***ing see that. It is wrong.

“I am not anywhere near being a professional athlete but that mentality of getting injured and how you get over it and back to a place where you feel confident enough to do your job is crazy.”

He also opened up about his confidence levels and the struggle to maintain his fitness in between filming.

He added: “Your confidence takes a real beating and that was happening a lot between movies.

“So I would have to work really hard to get back in shape, and often I would f*** it. I cannot be bothered so I would let it go. And I have to kick it back into gear again. but I am over that.”

Craig teamed up with trainer and ex-British Royal Marine, Simon Waterson, to get in shape for his latest role as 007.

He’s also been known to throw back shots of turmeric root juice in addition to taking probiotic shots to bolster his immunity.

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