David Beckham says favourite Friends star is Monica because he’s a clean freak

David Beckham reveals his favourite Friends character is Monica – and says the show helps him when he misses his family.

The football legend appeared on the reunion show and told fans who he loves out of the famous group and why.

Introduced by fellow Brit James Corden, Becks was asked about his number one star and also his go-to episode.

He replied: "I have to say, I'm most like Monica – I'm a bit of a clean freak."

David says the hit show hopes him cope when he's feeling down, saying: "I travel a lot, I'm always in hotels and I always have down time.

"When I'm missing family away from home I always put on Friends because it makes me smile.

"My favourite episode is when they are all getting ready in the apartment.

"When Joey takes the cushions from the chair, it's one of those episodes that when I am feeling low I always put on.

"It makes me laugh, almost to the point of crying."

Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow roll back the years and take us all on a nostalgia trip.

Fans see trivia games, classic clips, old friends, fashion shows and celeb interviews are woven into the near 1 hour 45 minute reunion.

The iconic gang talk fans of the series all though the hit show, which concluded in 2004 after ten fun filled seasons.

David and Jennifer stunned viewers as they admitted they came so close to getting together.

But as soon as one was ready for love, the other wasn't – unlike characters Ross and Rachel.

David said: "We were crushing hard with each other. But it was like two ships passing, one of us was always in a relationship."

Jen then added: "We just channelled all of our love for each other into Ross and Rachel."

David, Ross on the hit show, said that he hadn't seen the Friends for 17 years until recently when his daughter started watching it.

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