Dexys Midnight Runners icon unrecognisable with specs and grey hair in rare pic

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    The lead singer of Dexys Midnight Runners has shared a snap on the band’s Instagram – and he looks unrecognisable.

    Kevin Rowland is the lead singer of the iconic 80s band – whose biggest smash was undoubtedly Come on Eileen in 1982 – and he also teased that Dexys have some “news coming”.

    The 69-year-old pop star looked dapper in a red velvet jacket, cravat and rakish hat but world’s apart from the curly-haired, dungaree-wearing frontman of his heyday.

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    Fans of the band were quick to call Kevin “stylish” and “awesome” and tell the Brummie native he was “looking good”.

    Back in the day, Kevin was known for his outrageous fedoras and for being very fashion-forward – he even donned stockings for an album cover in the late 90s – and it seems he’s still got that touch.

    But the mop of hair is gone and now he wears distinguished horn-rimmed glasses.

    After the runaway success of the band in the 80s, Kevin became addicted to cocaine and had “lots of demons and pain in him”.

    He told Vice magazine: “I was a maniac. I could not stop taking it, no matter what the reason.

    “But I got into a program of recovery in '93, and that was like my protection.

    “I'm still in it, and I've been clean ever since. I'm lucky. I'm blessed.”

    There is also a darker element to wedding favourite Come On Eileen. Kevin claimed he had written the hit track but it was in fact down to his ex-bandmate Kevin Archer.

    By 1997 Kevin was clear of drugs and aimed to right past wrongs and admitted to The Independent that he “stole” the song from Kevin and “made a lot of money”.

    He went on: “I conned people all over the world, from the people close to me and the people I worked with to the fans, to the radio and TV programmers.

    "To everybody I conned, I'm sorry. To my beautiful friend Kevin Archer, I love you, I'm sorry I hurt you.

    “I was jealous of you and your talent.

    “You deserved better, I hope you get what you deserve."

    Dexys Midnight Runners reformed in 2003 and the band's name has been officially shortened to “Dexys”.

    Kevin has a daughter AJ and a grandson called Roo.


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