Elton John and Michael Caine Star in Hilarious Comedy Video Promoting Uptake of COVID Vaccines


Elton John and Michael Caine are helping to defeat the coronavirus — and having some fun in the process.

The rocket man and two-time Oscar winner appear in a new tongue-in-cheek video for Britain's National Health Service promoting uptake of the coronavirus vaccines in the UK.

It sees Elton auditioning to be a patient in front of a distinctly less-than-impressed director who treats the Grammy Hall-of-Famer like a total novice.  

"My name is Elton John," says the legendary musician, before the director jumps in with the instructions "Cut there. Little less showbiz Elton."

With Elton floundering, the director requests the exact opposite then forlornly asks "Let's go for your Michael Caine impression. Just let's see what it's like."

Cue Elton — in a world's first — mimicking Caine's famous cockney accent while repeating his name for the fourth time.

"Beautiful. Cut there," says the director.

On a more serious note, the video includes Elton providing some valuable information about the UK's highly successful COVID vaccination program, which has so far provided first dose injections to around 13 million people.   

By next Monday, the British government aims to have provided vaccines to all of the nation's frontline health workers, clinically vulnerable patients, and citizens over 70.

"The more people in society that get vaccinated the more chance there is of eradicating the national COVID pandemic," says John. "It's really important to know that the vaccines have all been through and met the necessary safety and quality standards."

With the serious section of the audition completed, John is asked to receive a pretend vaccine from a nurse by rolling up the left sleeve of his polo shirt and saying "Ouch!"  

"What was that Elton?" says the director.

"That was me acting!" replies John, before breaking into, "And as you can see, 'I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah…'"

"Wow," replied the director. "OK, thanks Elton. We'll let you know."

In a surprise twist, Elton replies, "Oh. Well at this short notice you won't find anyone bigger" — only for the camera to cut to Michael Caine sitting with a nurse and his own left sleeve rolled up high.

"Hello. My name is Michael Caine," says the Batman actor. "I've just had a vaccine for COVID. It didn't hurt. Not many people know that."

In a final joke, the director adds "And cut that. Marvelous. Thank you so much, Sir Michael. OK. Let the little fella know he didn't get the job."

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