Elvis Presley painted statues black in Las Vegas showroom during fire to ‘integrate’ venue

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During the early 1970s, Elvis Presley performed his Las Vegas residences at the International Hotel, which became a Hilton in 1971 and is known as Westgate today. Georgann Reynolds of the Elvis Country Fan Club is a huge fan of The King and would go see him perform in the hotel’s showroom many times. During a recent interview, she shared how one night during a fire Elvis was evacuated downstairs to the showroom, where he painted the skin of the Marie Antionette statues to the right of the stage black.

Speaking with Elvis expert Billy Stallings Spa Guy in the video below, Reynolds said how one night this fire (not to be confused with the infamous 1981 blaze) had broken out on the 26th and 27th floor where she was staying.

She said: “We were evacuated and Elvis was evacuated because he was on the 30th [in his penthouse suite] and everybody in between was evacuated.”

“We came down first, they let us down on the elevators. Everybody else had to walk the stairs. I’m sure Elvis didn’t, but anyway…somebody said, ‘Elvis is in the showroom!’

“Here we go in our nightclothes, across the lobby of the Hilton hotel and, of course, they wouldn’t let us in.”

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