Empath Prep Debut Album Reissue, Announce Fall Tour

Just three months after the highly anticipated release of Empath’s debut album Active Listening: Night on Earth, the psychedelic-punk band have announced a rerelease of that LP, out October 4th. The reissue will be a dual-release with Fat Possum Records, their new label, and Get Better Records, their previous one.

The reissue is available in deluxe edition, which includes the first-ever vinyl release of their trippy 2018 EP Liberating Guilt and Fear. The EP is notable for containing creepy organ chords from The Exorcist at the end of the second track, “The Eye.” “When she came down the stairs backwards, we were like, ‘Can we turn up the sound on this?’” drummer Garret Koloski told Rolling Stone last year.

Empath will embark on a fall tour that includes several dates with Sheer Mag and Mannequin Pussy. The tour kicks off on August 17th in Richmond, Virginia and concludes September 13th in Buffalo, New York.

Empath Tour Dates

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