Hear Boy Band Why Don’t We’s Cover of Juice WRLD’s ‘Lucid Dreams’

Los Angeles boy band Why Don’t We talked about their decision to cover a song by rapper Juice WRLD on this week’s edition of Spotify Under Cover. The pop group’s rendition of “Lucid Dreams” is a simplified acoustic version — they harmonized and slowed down the tempo for a gentler sound. They also stripped the original of its trap drums, but kept the piano sample of Sting’s “Shape of My Heart.”

Daniel Seavey detailed the process of recording “Lucid Dreams” in the Spotify studio. “We literally have one synth sound going, like one instrument … we stripped it down to just our voices and the lyrics and this one sound. … We kinda kept that same melody of the Sting sample  … You can’t get rid of that beautiful guitar melody, you know? So we kept that.”

The band talked about how the lyrics were relatable, regardless of genre or musical style. “You could be in middle school and relate to the relationship lyrics of this song. But you could be 30 and be like, ‘dang, this is hitting me in the heart,’ you know?” Seavey said.

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