Jennifer Lopez Returns to MSG for an Electrifying Performance After N.Y.C. Blackout

Even a massive power outage in New York City can’t stop Jennifer Lopez from pumping up her crowd.

The “Medicine” singer, 49, had already kicked off her last of two shows at Madison Square Garden this weekend as part of her It’s My Party tour when the lights went out, prompting an evacuation and rescheduling of her show.

Although the singer was left devastated, as she shared in Instagram videos over the weekend,  Lopez returned to the iconic venue on Monday night, and this time, the lights remained on as the enthusiastic crowd gathered for round two in New York City. After performing her new hit “Medicine,” Lopez thanked the crowd for giving her show a second shot.

“You guys are amazing, I love you so much,” Lopez said to huge cheers from the audience. “I love you so much, thanking you for coming out to celebrate with me, again.”

Wearing a gray sequined costume, Lopez continued to strut across the stage as she addressed the audience, saying, “Because I know you guys already heard, it is my birthday!” which earned further roars and cheers from the crowd.

“We couldn’t let anything get in the way of that, come on,” Lopez, who turns 50 on July 24, added.

“Are you ready for this party?” she shouted, taking in the excitement from the huge crowd. “The rules still apply. When you have people come over to your house to a party, there are rules. Are you ready for me to go over the rules one more time? You got to sing, you got to dance, and you got to have a good time, that’s the rule!”

Lopez then kicked the night back into action and continued on with the remainder of her show.

After being forced to evacuate from MSG on Saturday, Lopez explained to Entertainment Tonight that it was not the first time something like that has happened in her career.

“This happened to me one time at the Staples Center. I was performing with Pitbull, we were closing [a show] and all the lights went out,” she recalled. “We had the same thing, a power outage, and it came on seven minutes later and we kept going.”

“So, when this happened, I was like, ‘Okay, let’s just wait a second, it will come back on and then we’ll just keep going,'” she continued. “[But] then, you know, people were yelling, ‘We’ve got to evacuate,’ and you know, it was a big dramatic thing,” she added. “Luckily everybody got out safe.”

Due to the unforeseen blackout and subsequent concert cancellation, Lopez was not contractually obligated to put on another show. However, she felt her fans deserved another shot at seeing her performance under the New York City lights.

“They were like, ‘You don’t have to do the show, you know, insurance will cover everything — including you, including the fans, and everything will be fine.’ But I just felt like everybody came out for this special celebration. The crowd was so electric that night, even just for the first 15 minutes that they got to see,” Lopez explained. “So I was like, ‘I just can’t leave it like that, I don’t want to leave it like that. They like the experience, that’s what they came for and I want to give it to them.'”

Added Lopez of her Monday night show, “There was something special in the air, I think. Because we got interrupted and it looked like it wasn’t going to happen, and it could have [possibly] not happened. And then to be back here, and for me to be able to do this with those same people, it was just electric.”

On Saturday night, Lopez revealed on Instagram that the show would be back on for Monday.

“MSG is working feverishly to make this happen,” she said in an Instagram video. “I have said that I will come back on Monday before my show in Boston on Tuesday to do the show that we did not do tonight … No blackouts this time! And we will have the most amazing celebration ever.”

Lopez is scheduled to perform at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts, on Tuesday night.

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