Kang Daniel vs. LM Entertainment: Seoul Central District Court rules in favor of Wanna One idol in suspending contract

It looks like Kang Daniel will earn legal victory against his agency LM Entertainment after a back-and-forth legal battle in which the singer wanted to suspend his exclusive contract.

According to reports, the Seoul Central District Court has ruled in favor for the former K-pop idol of Wanna One.

What caused Kang Daniel to want to cancel his contract with LM Entertainment?

Back in March 2019, Kang Daniel sought cancellation of his exclusive contract with LM Entertainment. According to Yulchon LCC, the legal representatives for Daniel, LM Entertainment allegedly breached his contract when they signed a joint business contract with MMO Entertainment for 500 million Won (approximately $432,355.00 USD), ten times the amount given to Daniel.

“According to the exclusive contract, this is not any different than signing over the rights of the contract. Acting as a proxy means to execute actions on behalf of the other party.

Gil Jong Hwa is also causing a malicious media play. The trust is already broken, and it’s difficult to maintain a contractual relationship.”

LM Entertainment countered, claiming that Kang Daniel already paid his down payment for the contract and that he and his legal representative Seol Hye-Seung were aware of the joint contract.

Kang Daniel wins his case in court

There are some other issues that went back-and-forth between both parties along with the above. What is ultimately important is that the Seoul Central District Court has now reportedly ruled in favor of Kang Daniel. An appeal by LM Entertainment against an initial ruling from two months ago was said to have been denied.

May 10, 2019: “As a result of the Seoul District Court’s decision to accept his request, Kang Daniel will be able to pursue independent activities as a celebrity.”

July 11, 2019: “The 51th Civil Affairs Division of the Seoul Central District Court decided today on July 11 not to accept LM Entertainment’s application for an injunction appeal on May 13 and to approve the original decision made on May 10 on the injunction for the suspension of his exclusive contract.”

It appears Kang Daniel’s contract with LM Entertainment will now be suspended and he will be able to promote any future activities through his one-man entertainment agency, Konnect Entertainment.

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