Lady C claims Meghan is no longer flavour of the month with fashion houses

Royal commentator Lady Colin Campbell has claimed that Meghan Markle is no longer “in favour” among the major fashion houses – despite the Duchess continuing to wear clothes from high-end brands.

Meghan and Prince Harry continue to grab headlines around the world with their appearances – most recently visiting New York City in the US in support of the Global Citizen Live event.

But Lady C, speaking on her YouTube channel, has claimed the Duchess is no longer "flavour of the month".

Speaking on her YouTube channel, the commentator claimed: “Meghan would have been somebody who the designers wanted to work with because she’s a good looking woman, and she is high profile.

“She is a slim and attractive woman. So of course when she was flavour of the month, they would have wanted to dress her and did want to dress her.

“Not so much anymore, at least not the top of the line couturiers.”

But, despite Lady C's claims, Meghan was still pictured wearing a collection of expensive clothing during her time in the Big Apple which cost nearly a combined £67,000.

During her visit to the World Trade Center Memorial, for example, Meghan wore a black polo, heavy black wool £1,368 Emporio Armani coat with matching £649 black trousers and £449 Aquazzura heels.

In an earlier video, Lady C had branded Meghan’s outfit choices “wildly inappropriate” after she wore winter outfits in seasonally unusual high temperatures in the city.

However, other experts predicted that the decision to layer up may have been taken in order to hide microphones for the recording of a Netflix programme.

Closer to home, Meghan's sister-in-law Kate Middleton hit the headlines for her sparkling gold outfit she wore to attend the James Bond premiere.

One royal commentator even described the Duchess of Cambridge’s golden gowned appearance as a “power move”, suggesting it was a confident statement of intent.

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