Louie Spence stuns fans by cooking mums ashes and adds in drop of whisky

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Louis Spence has left fans flabbergasted after revealing he has been 'cooking' his late mum's ashes after they got wet.

The former Dancing On Ice judge had kept his mum Pat's ashes in an urn in the garden but rainwater got in and started turning them to "sludge".

Louie, 52, then decided to dry the ashes out on his Aga – and threw in a drop of whisky to give her a drink.

The dancer explained the whole thing in a string of videos on Instagram, which showed the ashes in a pot on top of the cooker.

"We're moving so we took my mum, her ashes, out of this thing we had her in and water had got in there," he said.

The dancer continued: "So we've got her on the Aga drying out in her old pot which is about 70 years old.

"We're going to give her a little drink – we haven't got vodka so she can have a little bit of whisky. She'll like that."

Louie, who lost his mum in 2013, adds a dash of booze then continues in another clip: "So she's had a drop of whisky. Instead of having her on top of the Aga we've actually put her on a low heat to dry her out.

"She's been about 1,000 degrees when she was burnt the first time so I think it'll be fine and she won't know because she'll be p****d from the whisky we just put in there."

"Like my dad said, she'll just think she's on holiday somewhere," he added.

A third video was captioned "Drying mum out on the Aga part three she's coming up a treat" and shows the ashes looking much drier.

Louie said viewers had been asking how the ashes had got so wet in the first place, and explained that the seal on the urn had been broken.

"One thing she didn't like was swimming and she definitely didn't like getting her hair wet," he said.

"So as you can see she's turned from sludge, she's coming back alive – well, not literally – into a lovely consistency here, which then we will be able to re-pot her back in her urn."

Fans had mixed feelings about the whole saga.

"I'm sorry but this is so wrong on so many levels," one person posted in the comments section.

Another said they couldn't even watch it.

But the majority of people commenting saw the funny side and were also moved.

"You always manage to find ways to make light out of tough situations and I thank you for that," said one fan.

Another posted: "I actually went from laughing, to feeling sad and then thinking this beautiful."

While a third commented: "This is the strangest but most beautiful thing."

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