Love Island 2021s most outrageoys tattoos from biscuit bum ink to Frank Sinatra

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This year’s Love Island has brought a couple of surprises so far – Shannon Singh’s shock departure, Jake’s foot fetish and even some manly tears.

But another slight eye-opener has been the number of outrageous – or unusual (depending on which way you look at it) – tattoos, especially on the backsides of the contestants.

They really are an inked up bunch this year.

Viewers had the first glimpse of the interesting body art during a cheeky challenge that saw the boys strip off for a Bond-themed mission to save their girls.

During the saucy display, the boys ripped off their suites to reveal their buff bodies underneath.

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For starters, toe-loving Jake has a single word etched on his behind. It is unclear what it says.

Hugo also has a small tattoo etched on his cheeks.

Meanwhile, Liam, who said he loved biscuits as a child, has a cookie inked on his derriere.

Some fans were not amused. One wrote on Twitter: "When Liam said he has a cookie tattoo on his bum because it was his nickname because he likes biscuits #LoveIsland these guys nicknames are kinda enough to turn me off. Is this the best chat we’re getting this summer?"

Hunky Welshman Liam has a variety of other tattoos, too.

The 21-year-old bricklayer from South Wales, also known as “Mr Steal Your Girl,” has an image of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali on his thigh, as well as a depiction of Frank Sinatra.

The inkings are fairly new too it seems, as Instagram pictures from 2020 show a bare leg.

Liam, who admits he wants to “stir things up” in the villa, said he wants to add another famous face to his collection – that of famous Welsh crooner Tom Jones.

His tattoo artist Lucy Turner, of Lucy Lou's Tattoos, told the Daily Star: "He wants to have a full leg of portraits of celebrities he considers icons.

"We have spoken about doing Tom Jones and maybe Aretha Franklin too."

She added: “He's said that his love for older musicians comes from his father.”

And asked why Liam picked the boxing legend, she explained: "Liam is a big fan of Muhammad Ali and boxing in general.

Liam boasted to the other boys in the villa that the piece took nearly 12 hours.

Lucy confirmed: "It took two full-day sessions which are six hours each."

Elsewhere in the villa Jake also has a collection of rather bold tats.

The 24-year-old water engineer’s main piece of body art is a massive war-inspired inking on his back.

The image shows a trio of children pointing to some Spitfires with the sun breaking through the clouds.

But it’s not complete apparently – Jake said on Instagram he is planning to add some tanks to the tattoo.

Though it is unclear if Jake has a military background himself, he has previously posted tributes to the armed forces on his Instagram and his grandfather was a soldier too.

Moving to his beefy arms, Jake also has a full sleeve with two iron gates along with a collection of inspirational quotes.

One reads: “Family…where life begins and love never ends.”

Then on his wrist, Jake has another cryptic quote, which reads: “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fit together.”

Jake’s right calf features a massive gorilla face, while his entire other leg has what looks like a puzzle tattooed from the ankle to his thigh.

The girls’ tattoos – if any – remain to be seen. And as more contestants arrive, we may be treated to even more outlandish body art.

Who remembers 2018’s Darylle Sargeant and her impressive array of inkings?

The 24-year-old eyebrow technician from Watford said her tats “make her stand out” and etchings included a ram on her stomach, two full arms sleeves and a massive one on her thigh.

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