Love Island Sharon accused of catfishing after unrecognisable Instagram snaps

Love Island fans are adamant that Sharon Gaffka is 'catfishing' them after posting a series of Instagram snaps which look nothing like the Sharon we all saw hanging around the villa.

The 25-year-old, who was booted from the ITV dating show last month, has taken to Instagram to update fans on her journey since leaving Majorca, including shots of her in stunning skintight dresses and sleek makeup as she hung out with friends.

One baffled fan took to a Reddit forum, sharing one of the photos from Sharon’s Instagram page along with the question: "Does anyone else think Sharon looks unrecognisable in her latest Instagrams?? She looks like a completely different person!"

It turned out the Reddit user found themselves in good company, with another saying: "She looks like a Bratz doll!"

That’s when a third chimed in with the accusation: "She’s a bit of a catfish I’m afraid."

However, some fans blamed the misconception on society's expectations.

They penned: "I think most of the girls look completely different on IG, thanks to filters and editing.

"It’s a shame that they edit so much. But these days it’s like we can’t be accepted into society unless we don’t look human."

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a barely recognisable Sharon, though.

The civil servant previously turned heads witha selfie of her wearing a McDonald’s uniformbefore her glam transformation into a beauty queen.

The snap shows her grinning, with her hair tied back into a ponytail and wearing very little make-up.

In the past, Sharon confessed that cosmetic surgery was a big part of her glam-up.

So, when fellow Love Island contestant Hugo Hammond said he wasn’t into "fake" girls, the pair locked horns.

Even though she and Faye were raging at the comments, reducing the 24-year-old PE teacher to tears,this didn’t stop Hugo re-coupling with Sharon the next week.

Fans were left bewildered at the decision. One hit up Twitter to say: "Hugo picking Sharon… after the way she cursed him out just the other week."

But another felt this meant Hugo was genuine: "Hugo picked Sharon because he knew he really upset her."

None of it mattered much anyway, with Sharon being shown the door soon after.

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