MAFS Jessika Power makes eye-watering £36k in five days after joining OnlyFans

Married At First Sight star Jessika Power is making the most of the adult entertainment site, OnlyFans, having made an eye-watering profit.

The reality bombshell admits that she joined the site less than a month ago but has already made a substantial sum of money since joining.

In a new interview, she explained her sorrow admitting that she should have joined the platform a long time ago after seeing her bank balance increase.

While OnlyFans is known for its content creators not always being suitable for work, Jessika claims that she is keeping her content friendly, admitting that she is comfortable with her snaps.

Speaking to The Herald Sun, she said: "I have made $50,000 in five days," OnlyFans works in American dollars, with Jessika claiming to have made around £36,000.

The blonde bombshell went on to say: "I have earned enough money in the last five days to put down a deposit on a house and then some.

"I wish I had started it a year ago because I would be rich."

She added: "I haven't done anything X-rated, I am just doing what I am comfortable doing and obviously, people are liking it."

Discussing her content, Jessika explained that while it is relatively tamed, it will be "more explicit" than her Instagram page but "still classy and fun".

Jessika admits that she had been toying with the idea of joining OnlyFans for some time but made her final decision while undergoing mandatory hotel isolation.

In an Instagram video, she shared that some fans had said she was going after ‘fast cash’ or joining the website for a cash grab but she had denied this.

She said: "I'm gonna be removing all of my lingerie photos from my Instagram… not saying it's just going to be lingerie.

"If you follow the swipe up links in this Instagram there might be a bit of fun content for you to follow in the future."

Fellow Married at First Sight brides already on the website include Ines Basic and Hayley Vernon.

Known as villainous brides they both offer rather different things on the adult platform.

Hayley displays hardcore sex scenes to fans, while Ines images are a bit tamer and more reminiscent of vintage glamour modelling.

Ines revealed she earned AUD$80,000 within the first few weeks of joining the site, to Daily Mail Australia last month.

She said: "My fans are eating up everything I post, I am having to create content daily to keep up with demand so I'm just working. No time to be spending."

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