Meghan’s Netflix show was bound to be a disaster – no one wants her journey

Go woke, go broke. Putting virtue-signalling guff before what customers actually want is evidently a total recipe for disaster. Well, who’d have thunk it?

Latest victim of worshipping at the cult of holier than thou is Netflix. The streaming giant has cancelled a failed American soap actress’ feminist cartoon series as part of its cutbacks after a drop in subscribers.

The series in question was called Pearl and featured a 12-year-old heroine “who finds inspiration in influential women in history”.

It was due to be released as part of the Ginger Whinger formally known as Prince Harry and his missus’ £75million Netflix deal.

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Pearl was inspired by her own “journey”. Now call me old fashioned but a woman who literally gave up work to marry a millionaire prince, and whose “journey” has ended in a £14million Californian mansion with hot and cold private jets flogging me a yarn about feminist struggle would ring alarm bells.

The daily challenges of trying to work out which £7k outfit and £120k piece of jewellery to wear obvs.

But then this is a woman who sat amongst dirt-poor child landmine amputees and 12-year-old rape victims on an African tour and pondered why no one was asking how she was.

Netflix – which costs between £6.99 and £15.99 a month for UK subscribers – has lost 200,000 subscribers this year. It’s predicted it will lose another two million before June.

The company also makes The Crown, a drama based on the Royals which showed Ginger Whinger’s family in the worst possible light.

And while most of us would have a problem with our parents being torn apart in public the Duke of Hazard has 75million reasons to rise above those kind of pesky principles.

Not that you need to worry about this hugely privacy aware couple’s bank balance over this Netflix cancellation quite yet. They also have a £18million deal with Spotify to produce podcasts.

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So far they’ve managed, er, one. If we’re totally honest the most lucrative income stream for this limelight-shy pair of self-declared saviours of the planet and the poor (he does his bit for the posh sport of polo too) is as plain as the bald spot on is head.

Moaning about his family.

What is interesting about the cancelled toon is that the couple gave their heroine the most apt name ever in Pearl.

Because in that well-known proverb, pearls are infamously linked to one animal and one animal only. Swine.

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