S Club 7s Hannah Spearritt kept her breast implants in box after removal

S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt has admitted that she kept her breast implants “in a box” after they were removed.

The singer is starring in her own documentary Hannah Spearritt: Me and Breast Implants, which will air on ITVBe tonight (13 Oct) at 9pm.

In it, the former S Club star opens up about her experience with Breast Implant Illness and how she struggled with depression as a side effect.

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She spoke to Daily Star and said: “It was very cathartic, in a way, doing the documentary at this time as I ended up speaking to some interesting people.”

“Weirdly, I held on to my implants – so, so weird! I held onto them, I’ve moved house so many times and they’re just in the van.”

The singer went on to explain: “They were in a white tub and I always held onto them because I always felt like I wanted to do something like this [documentary] one day, when the time was right. Finally, they’re out of my house!”

Spearritt then revealed that they’ve been sent off for testing and admitted she was relieved to see them go.

She said: “They’ve gone off to be analysed, there’s this new machine out and this [professional] is going to test them for me. It’s quite symbolic, it’s a nice thing to finally be able to get them out of my house – release them and put an end to the trauma!”

The illness left Hannah bed bound for 18 hours a day and admitted it “affected everything,” from her “career and relationships to her friendships”.

She revealed that people would “look at her like she was going mad” because it wasn’t “widely recognised”.

“Trying to embark on finding answers while you’re ill, it was difficult.”

Spearritt also touched upon her career in S Club 7 and how it affected her mental health.

“I didn’t really like the fame side of it, but from a developmental point of view, I was in a band from 16 to 21 and everything was about our persona and what we were portraying, as opposed to what was really going on inside. I never really touched base with myself that much.”

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