Saturday Night Live regular missing from Elon Musk’s first show after dig

Regular Saturday Night Live cast member Aidy Bryant was missing from the show during tech mogul Elon Musk’s first episode Saturday night.

Elon, who is the CEO of Tesla and a powerful business magnate, was up for a laugh in his first edition of the programme after news came that he’d joined the roster of famous stars.

He made fun of himself in a series of jokes and quips, and even revealed that he has Asperger’s disease in the opening monologue.

Viewers tuned in in their millions to see what would take place in the first instalment, but they quickly realised that Aidy – who had recently made a dig at Elon – was only present in the opening.

The cast member was only involved in the segment that had already been rerecorded, and she was absent in all of Elon’s live sketches.

During an Instagram story this week, Aidy, 34, made a subtle dig at the father-of-seven’s enormous wealth by reposting a quote from American politician Bernie Sanders when it was announced he would be joining SNL.

Bernie’s tweet had said: "The 50 wealthiest people in America today own more wealth than the bottom half of our people.

"Let me repeat that, because it is almost too absurd to believe: the 50 wealthiest people in this country own more wealth than some 165 MILLION Americans."

"That is a moral obscenity," he added.

At the time of writing, South African-born design engineer Elon is worth $166billion.

During Elon’s introduction to the SNL community, he spoke of offending people, and his eccentric nature.

The host even poked fun at his own girlfriend, musician Grimes, whom he shares his youngest child with.

"I’m actually making history tonight as the first person with Asperger's to host SNL," Elon began to the audience and viewers at home. "Or at least the first to admit it. So I won't make a lot of eye contact with the cast tonight.

"Look I know I sometimes say or post strange things, but that's just how my brain works," the SpaceX CEO continued. “To anyone I've offended, I just want to say: I reinvented electric cars and I'm sending humans to Mars on a rocket ship. Did you also think I was going to be a chill, normal dude?

"A lot of times, people are reduced to the dumbest thing they ever did. Like one time, I smoked weed on Joe Rogan's podcast.

"And now all the time I hear 'Elon Musk, all he does is smoke weed on podcasts.'

"It happened once!" the guest host joked. "It's like reducing OJ Simpson to murderer! That was one time."

Following a memorable opening, the star went on to slip into a number of different costumes for his first show, including Wario for a hilarious Nintendo skit.

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