Slash blasts the one ‘bulls**t’ music genre he ‘f*****g hated’

Slash reveals sneaking into Hollywood clubs as a teenager

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Slash aka Saul Hudson is on tour promoting his new solo album 4. It’s his fifth since setting out on his own in 2010. However, it was his earlier years with Guns N Roses that made the rockstar a household name and he hasn’t been holding back his thoughts on the years that led him to the band. Born in Stoke-on-Trent in England, the rocker moved to the bustling streets of LA at just five years old. The ever-evolving music scene there was a major inspiration for the guitarist but he has since admitted he thinks that LA is dead, musically. 

The 56-year-old hasn’t held back about how much he despises LA and in particular, he hated the hair-metal wave of his youth. Also known as glam metal, it is a subgenre of heavy metal that features pop-influenced hooks and guitar riffs.

In a new interview with, Slash didn’t hold back his thoughts on it. He said: “I f*****g hated the whole scene, man […] in Los Angeles it was just bullshit. And we were coming up in the midst of all that. Everybody was f*****g converting to the industry standard to get a record deal and get girls, this whole thing. Where our band was coming from was the antithesis of all that, and it’s something I’m really proud of.”

By contrast, he did share that the UK was doing something different, and better.

Slash explained: “At least if you were in the UK you had some cool bands that represented the eighties, at least from a rock’n’roll and metal point of view. You had some really cool, credible music coming out.”

Yet, he did admit how important the music he listened to growing was, especially for how it influenced him and his career.

He said: “Actually, I have wonderful memories of LA from when I was seven years old all the way up to when I was twelve. I was kind of raised in the LA music scene and it was great. I watched it go through these music trends in my short little lifetime up to that point. But what it turned into in the eighties was something that was unrecognisable from an integrity point of view and a creative point of view.”

In another recent interview, the rocker revealed one of the more outrageous underage experiences he had in the midst of LA’s musical underground.


When speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he shared a story of when he and his friend Steven sneaked into a club when they were just 15 years old. In particular, Rainbow Bar and Grill, a venue that was especially harsh with security. 

After failing to get in, Slash came up with a hare-brained scheme that could be pulled straight out of an absurd cartoon. 

He recalled: “I was really drunk. So, I went home, and put on a bunch of make-up, and put on some of my mom’s clothes, and I went back up there. And it was Ladies Night… so I got in.”

However, it devolved into one of his most embarrassing nights.

He continued: “I was going to go and pick up on Steven, because Steven would screw anything, and I thought it’d be really funny. So, I got in, and slowly but surely I realised, ‘Steven’s not here…he’s gone.’ And this whole black cloud of reality came down. And I felt the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt, still to this day I’ve never felt like that. And then having to leave and then walk down Sunset Boulevard in a dress… it was horrible.” 

The album 4 is on sale now and available for download on Spotify and Apple Music.

Read the full interview here.


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