The Beatles music: How Paul McCartney’s song was SNUBBED for All You Need Is Love

The Beatles saw huge critical acclaim over their relatively short career. Over the course of their time in the charts they reached huge success with many songs. Many of them even reached number one in various charts around the world, including the U.K. and USA.

One of their biggest songs was All You Need Is Love, which became the gang’s 14th number one this week in 1967.

The iconic song sees the Beatles telling listeners that love is all they need, and that they can overcome anything.

However the song’s origin actually came from the band’s involvement in the worldwide event “Our World”.

The Beatles were due to act as the British representatives for the event.

What’s more, they were tasked with writing a song for the event which would accompany their attendance.

Speaking on a radio show in 1967, Paul McCartney explained: “What happened was a fellow from the BBC – an organisation which I’m sure you’ve heard of – he asked us to get together a song for this [Our World], you see.

“So we said we’ll get together a nice [song] with easy words so everyone can understand it.”

Things didn’t go to plan, however, as McCartney continued: “So we went away and we played Monopoly for a bit.

“And then the fellow said: ‘Where’s the song?’ So we said: ‘Ah, don’t worry Derek – his name was Derek – don’t worry Derek we’ll soon have a song for you.’

“So John [Lennon] and I got together, [and] thought okay.

I wrote one and John wrote one.

“We went to the session and we just decided to [record] his first. By the time we had done the backing track for his we suddenly realised: His was the one – All You Need Is Love. Perfect.”

Going on to reflect on the song’s lyrics, McCartney added: “You know, if you’re going to say any message… that’s a fine, wonderful message to say.

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“So we just put the track down, and put the vocal to it and everything and it turned into it.”

He later added: “We still had [my song] ready to do for the next one – which is of a similar nature in its simplicity, but with a different message.”

For this same event McCartney wrote Your Mother Should Know, which they later released on their album Magical Mystery Tour.

It was recently reported that John Lennon was a little emotional after he watched the Let It Be movie alongside the rest of his band.

Rolling Stone founder Jann S Wenner explained he watched the film alongside Lennon and Yoko Ono, to which he commented: “So the four of us are sitting together in the middle of the theatre, watching this thing about the breakup of the Beatles.”

Allegedly Lennon simply couldn’t hold back his tears as he watched the band get together for the 1969 recording sessions.

He added: “I just remember walking out of the theatre.

“And all of us in a foursome huddle, hugging, and the sadness of the occasion.”

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