Twiggy blasts the Kardashians for the huge rise in girls having plastic surgery

Twiggy has blasted reality family the Kardashians for the huge rise in girls having plastic surgery.

The British supermodel said cosmetic work, including lip fillers and botox, makes young women look like chipmunks.

Twiggy, 70 – real name Dame Lesley Lawson – admitted she might benefit from having some work done but has always resisted it.

Asked what has driven the increase in non-surgical beauty treatments, Twiggy said: ”It’s the Kardashians’ isn’t it?”

She added: “I could do with a bit. But mainly it’s because I don’t like the look of some people who’ve had too much work.

“I don’t like those filler things they pump into people’s faces. They look like chipmunks.”

Kardashian mum Kris, 64, admits ­having had a string of cosmetic ops.

Daughters including Kim, 39, and Kourtney, 40, are rumoured to have regular cosmetic work, though only Kourtney admits to breast implants.

Twiggy also revealed she took a boyfriend with her on modelling jobs to avoid being molested by photographers.

In an interview with Platinum magazine she said: “I was never hit on at all. I was lucky because I was so innocent.”

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