Vince Staples Teases New Single 'Law of Averages'

Vince Staples has announced his latest single, “Law of Averages,” his first solo track of 2021.

The Long Beach rapper shared the track’s cover art to Twitter on Monday night along with a release date for Friday, June 18th.

So far this year, Staples has contributed guest verses to a handful of other singles, including Lil Yachty’s “In My Stussy’s” and Emotional Oranges’ “Back & Forth.” In an interview with Desus Nice for GQ, Staples revealed that he has two new albums in the works, including a self-titled LP that’s expected to be released this summer. The rapper is also working on a new Netflix show but did not provide further details on the project.

Staples’ last album was 2018’s FM! In January, he paid tribute to the late producer Sophie, who contributed to 2017’s Big Fish Theory. “Sophie was different, you ain’t never seen somebody in the studio smoking a cigarette in a leather bubble jacket just making beats not saying one word,” Staples wrote on Twitter. “Sophie walked in the studio unannounced wearing Mickey Mouse ears on the way home from Disneyland with @JIMMYEDGAR like he has something for you played 745 took a water bottle and left. Ima miss the homie.”

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