Watch Claypool Lennon Delirium’s Surreal, Animated ‘Little Fishes’ Video

The Claypool Lennon Delirium conjure a demented fish-human showdown in their psychedelic “Little Fishes” video.

Animator Micah Buzan uses the song’s intro lyrics as a springboard, particularly Les Claypool’s visions of men “gobbling” up mercury-heavy fish and the pollutant settling “in their soft and supple brains.” Using those elements — men, fish and brains (along with random cameos from an Easter Bunny) — the visual expands into its own surreal narrative that culminates in a battle via fish-hook.

“I’ve had the intro vocal and melody for ‘Little Fishes’ kicking around in my head for many years,” Claypool said in a statement. “When Sean and I started working on the new record, I knew it would be perfect to develop and to add to the Delirium repertoire. Little did I know that Micah would take that music and put such mind-bending, warped animation to it. It reinforces my enjoyment and constant amazement of how immensely creative people sometimes interpret my words and music. Bravo.”

“Little Fishes” is the opening track from the Claypool Lennon Delirium’s February-issued second LP, South of Reality. The duo, who recently wrapped a co-headlining run with My Morning Jacket’s Jim James, are currently touring the U.S. with the Flaming Lips. That trek continues Friday, July 26th in Indianapolis, Indiana and runs through August 18th in Boulder, Colorado.

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