A Place in the Sun's Scarlette Douglas mortified as couple bring VERY abrupt end to property viewing

A PLACE in the Sun's Scarlette Douglas was left mortified after a couple brought a VERY abrupt end to a property viewing.

On Tuesday's episode of the Channel 4 show, Scarlette met couple Karen and Paul, who wanted to find a holiday home in Mijas Costa in Southern Spain.

The couple had a budget of £145,000 and hoped to find a property which had nice views and a communal pool.

Scarlette showed them five properties, but the couple were underwhelmed by the first three.

Property four proved to be more of a hit for Karen and Paul thanks to its covered terrace and panoramic views.

It was within budget at £136,000 and also had an open plan kitchen, double glazing and hot and cold air conditioning.

The trio still had one more property to view though, a penthouse apartment with two terraces and a communal pool.

However, it was on the market for £158,000 and as soon as the couple walked into the property, Paul seemed seriously unimpressed by what he saw.

He told Scarlette: "I have to say, I'm not sold at all. Property four is nicer than this.

"It’s not doing it for me at all. I don’t like it."

Scarlette looked to Karen to see if she felt any different, but she told her with disappointment: "I thought for the budget, I was going to be wowed." 

Scarlette was taken aback and asked: "Do you want to have a look around or are you done?"

Paul replied bluntly: "No" and Scarlette's eyes widened even further as she asked again: "You're done?"

Karen said: "I would have had a look around. But there's no point."

The couple put in an offer on property four but it was too low for the owner so it was rejected and they headed back to Dundee empty-handed.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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