Amanda Holden calls for lockdown to be scrapped as she slams government and compares life to The Handmaid's Tale

AMANDA Holden has called for lockdown to be scrapped as she slammed thegovernment for extending lockdown.

The Britain's Got Talent judge, 50, told fans she had had enough after Boris Johnson extended the lockdown lift on her Instagram.

Amanda  reposted a meme from The Handmaid's Tale which said: "Welcome to Gilead under Boris' eye."

In a statement of empowerment she posted a Gif of herself at work in a stunning multi-coloured dress and wrote: "I intend to survive."

She then posted a mock up of Ant and Dec from their hit show Saturday Night Takeaway giving Boris instructions from their headsets.

The comedy duo told him to "tell them it will only be another four weeks" as they appeared to burst out laughing.

Amanda went vocal about the delay in relaxing lockdown with a video post from former Prime Minister Theresa May.

In the video Theresa said new variants of covid would always be around, and encouraged the government to allow people to travel again and get on with everyday life.

Amanda wrote alongside the video: "Listen to this. Makes so much sense. I’m wondering why no one is hearing @theresamay."

Last February Amanda was devastated after breaching lockdown to see her parents in Cornwall.

The Sun revealed this weekend that Amanda had been reported to police after travelling 215 miles to see her parents in Cornwall.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge said she had received a “distressing phone call” from stepdad Leslie, 75.

Amanda was seen being dropped off in a black Mercedes at the home of her mum Judith, 71, and stepdad on Friday.

Her spokesperson explained: "Amanda is aware of the rules and is devastated she had to break them.”

Meanwhile Amanda is not the only celeb to speak out against Boris's controversial extension of lockdown.

Ex EastEnders star Michael Greco risked outrage by claiming that some Covid cases are "only hay fever."

The actor, 51, who played Bepe di Marco between 1998 and 2002, put out a post following Boris Johnson's announcement lockdown lift would be delayed because of the Delta strain of the virus.

Michael wrote on his Instagram: "If people stop getting tested (probably false positives anyway) whenever they have a runny nose or watery eyes of a slight cough or any very basic, human, bodily symptom, then maybe, just maybe we will come out of this s**t before 2030!!!!"

"It's probably hayfever anyway. It's not rocket science."

He then said people should keep themselves healthy in a bid to fight covid.

He then added in another post: "If you eat well. drink plenty of water. Get regular exercise. Enough sleep. Take vitamin C and D and Zinc.

"Then your chances of ill health are dramatically reduced. Our food is our medicine. Feed your body not your taste buds."

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