Amber Gill mum: Who does Amber’s mum really think she should be with?

Amber Gill is one of the original Islanders who has made it to the last five couples on Love Island. Amber was originally coupled up with Michael Griffiths but things came to an end after his head was turned by Joanna Chimonides. Amber is now with Irish rugby player Greg O’Shea but does Amber’s mum think they are a match?

Who does Amber’s mum really think she should be with?

Amber spent most of her Love Island journey coupled up with Michael.

The pair started off as friends but began to develop romantic feelings towards each other.

Things looked like they were going well for the couple until the Cast Amor twist, which saw Michael’s head turn.

Michael took a liking to new girl Joanna while Amber remained loyal to him in Casa Amor.

After Joanna was dumped from the Island by her fellow Islanders, Michael decided he did have feelings for Amber and decided to tell her the truth.

However, it was too late for Michael as Amber had moved on with new boy Greg O’Shea.


Despite Amber looking happier than ever, Amber’s mum Vanessa Waugh believes her daughter and Ovie Soko would be a good couple.

Speaking on This Morning alongside Amber’s best friend Martin Tweedy, Vanessa teased that there are some obvious signs they have a romantic connection.

When asked if there was a romance between Amber and Ovie, Vanessa said there potentially could be but it “takes her time to warm up to someone“.

She also said relationships often start out as friendships, just like Amber’s and Michael’s did.

Amber’s mum’s thoughts were revealed in the headline challenge last week, but Amber and Ovie laughed her mum’s confession off.

Amber exclaimed: “It’s only because she fancies you.”


Martin was on the same page as Amber and said: “They both could be the first friendship winners on Love Island. She’s just got such a brotherly connection with him.“

Ovie is currently coupled up with late arrival India Reynolds.

Vanessa and Martin were also was supportive of Amber not taking Michael back.

Vanessa said: “I think Amber will realise that now and I don’t think she’ll go back with him [Michael] – I hope she doesn’t.”

Martin added: “It just goes to show that he’s playing a game because if he had those feelings for Joanna he would have walked too.”


When is the Love Island 2019 final?

The Love Island final will take place on Monday, July 29.

The final will air from 9pm until 10:35pm on ITV2.

Only four couples will make it to the Love Island final and only one can win the £50k cash prize.

The winning couple will then pick two envelopes and one will contain no reward and the other will hold the prize.

The Islander who picks the winning envelope will then decide whether to keep the £50k or split the money with their partner.

Love Island 2019 continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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