Antiques Road Trip expert demands higher offer for button measure I need more

Antiques Road Trip: Emergency war ration sells for £18.

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Antiques Road Trip experts Charlie Ross and Izzie Balmer traveled through the Cotswolds in a recent episode of the BBC show. The duo were on the hunt for profit-making collectibles and there was one small item that caught Izzie’s eye. She was intrigued by a button measure she found in an antiques shop, but soon aired her frustrations when she took it to auction.

As Charlie and Izzie battled it out to make the most profit at auction, they searched through a number of antiques stores in the Cotswolds.

While exploring one shop, Izzie spotted a small ruler-like item and was instantly interested in it.

“Oh I like this,” the antique expert exclaimed, picking up the small item.

She explained what the unusual antique was: “It’s a Victorian calliper gauge or button measure, because it’s only got a small scale.”

Looking more closely at the item, Izzie revealed what made it stand out to her.

The BBC star explained: “What I particularly like about it is the craftsmanship.

“It’s ever so simple, but you’ve got this lovely sort of brass mount and then the wooden section and it just all slots in so nicely.

“It’s only £25. I mean I do really like this,” she confessed, before heading towards the counter to see if she could get a cut on the price.

After speaking to the shop attendant, Izzie managed to haggle the price down to £15 as she was also buying other items from the store.

Later in the episode, Izzie met back up with Charlie as the pair took the range of items they’d purchased to auction.

Izzie was hoping to make a healthy profit with her Victorian button measure and kept a close eye when it went up for sale.

Charlie complimented his co-star on the item, saying: “I love it. It’s quality.”

The auctioneer started the bidding at £10, but antique expert Izzie wasn’t impressed.

“What did it cost?” Charlie asked, seeing that bids had got off to a slow start.

“15. I need more!” Izzie exclaimed, airing her frustration at the bids offered up so far.

Luckily the bids soon shot up past £20 and Charlie said: “There we go.”

“A little bit better,” Izzie added, concentrating on the ongoing auction.

Her button measure eventually sold for £28 securing a profit of £13.

“Well done!” Charlie said, congratulating his competitor.

“Thank you very much,” Izzie replied, clearly pleased with her profit.

Antiques Road Trip is available to watch on BBC One every weekday afternoon at 4.30pm.

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