Antiques Road Trip expert rejoices after poker set valuation

Antiques Road Trip: Poker set auctions for triple price

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Setting off with their £200, Antiques Road Trip experts David and Catherine started off in Kent with a touch of Gallic charm provided by their Citroen 2CV. David was left top of the leaderboard as the episode came to an end with his risky poker set purchase bringing in a profit of nearly triple what he initially paid.

The poker set was one of the first items that David found whilst on their hunt and was immediately blown away by its condition.

He expressed: “That is a proper antique with a good story to tell I would say. It is a green leather box and it says Poker Chips.

“If you look very carefully at the decoration here, these are solid silver, and it has got to be about 1900, 1905 so probably Edwardian.”

Opening up the box, he gasped at the pristine condition it had been kept in and excitedly said: “Look at that interior!

“So you have got chips in here, there are not made out of wood or ivory, you would have your cards in here, dice and you have got a little diary of some sort, let’s have a look.

“Instructions on how to play poker!”

The initial price of the poker set was £85, but David was willing to haggle a lower price with the owner Richard.

Polishing the sides of the box, David began: “This is an extremely good quality proper antique and it fills me with joy. Richard, can you see I have done something to your box?”

Taking a closer look, Richard noted: “You’ve been polishing it. It looks good actually I like it.”

Continuing to grovel, David added: “Now listen, can we try and do a deal? We are men of the world, can we do £50? I will say yes at £50 no messing about.”

Happy with the deal, Richard agreed: “I will take £50 for it.”

After they ended their travels and their items were in the auction room, it was time for David to find out how well the poker set would do.

The auctioneer opened the session and explained: “We can already open at £85.”

Catherine was stunned at the profit he had already made and exclaimed: “£85!” to which David shouted with joy: “Come on.”

The auction then began to quickly climb, going from £100 to £120 in a matter of seconds, leaving David to fit pump the air: “Get in there!”

Coming to an end, the auctioneer revealed: “Raise the stakes at £130, £140 is your response. £150, thank you very much.

“£160 back here, £170 is that your response online? It is thank you. £170 to you online, fair warning now? Sold.”

“Yes!” David cheered as Catherine praised: “Well done! I am very proud of you David. I think you have slightly got the edge.”

David agreed: “I’ve gone a smidgen above you I reckon.”

The pair both started the day with £200, and Catherine managed to make a profit of £46 through the items that were sold at auction.

However, David took the lead after making an £85 profit, with the poker set pushing him past Catherine.

Ending the episode, Catherine said: “I think that was a good day at the office, we both did well but that poker set!”

David laughed and added: “I know! Come on, let’s go and find some more poker sets.”

Antiques Road Trip airs weekdays from 15:45pm on BBC One.

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