Antiques Roadshow guest emotional as grandfather’s rugby items receive huge valuation

Antiques Roadshow: Man emotional over rugby items

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A guest on BBC favourite Antiques Roadshow arrived at the Dyffryn show in Wales to proudly talk about his late grandfather’s treasured rugby collection. The sportsman had a unique set of items, and as Wayne inspected them and gave an impressive valuation of around £1,200, the guest got emotional when recalling his fond memories of his talented relative.

“So it would be a shame to come to Dyffryn and not have some rugby memorabilia,” Wayne commented as he began looking through the collection.

He continued: “And I see we’ve got a few items here. Who is the man in the photograph?”

As he pointed toward a black and white photo of a smiling man, the guest explained a few details about his grandfather.

“That was my grandfather, Len Attewell,” he replied. “He was a farmer in Newport. Then he played rugby for Newport Rugby Club.”

“Well this is important to me because it’s almost the evolution of rugby at its very early stages before money got involved,” Wayne highlighted.

“This is from the athletic clubs just starting. I know that Len started playing for a little local team called the Pill, or the Harriers.”

“Yes, correct,” Len’s grandson confirmed proudly.

Wayne went on: “They were sort of a feeder team into Newport, who he then went on to play for.

“And of course, Newport had such a good team they were a feeder team into the international scene.”

Delving into more details, he asked the guest: “So, tell me about these caps, what were they awarded for?”

“Well, the red cap with the 1921, was the Welsh cap that he was given for playing for Wales,” he replied.

Pointing towards a second, black cap, he added: “And this cap is his Newport cap for being selected for the Welsh team which was given by the Newport club.”

“We’ve also got a menu from the Cafe Royal for a dinner held for all the Welsh rugby team,” Wayne pointed out, referencing an old-looking menu.

“That’s right,” the guest stated. “After they played the English at Twickenham, the after-match dinner, or tea, was held at the Cafe Royal.”

“And he’s kept this, hasn’t he?” Wayne clarified as the guest nodded.

“He’s kept it, yes,” he answered. Wayne noticed: “Because it’s signed by all the team.”

“They passed it around and every member of that team signed it,” Len’s grandson explained.

Turning to his more personal memories, Wayne asked the Antiques Roadshow visitor: “So, what’re your memories of him?”

“Well I remember him very well,” he replied. “He lived in the farmhouse, and my father and mother lived in the cottage on the farm.

“So he was there, part of my life until he passed away.”

“Well it’s the Antiques Roadshow, where we talk about values,” Wayne stated.

“So I can see these two historic caps being worth around £600.”

The guest appeared shocked as Wayne continued: “The dinner menu signed by all the team at the Cafe Royal, I think we’re talking about £600 also.”

He concluded: “So I think you’ve got probably £1,200 here.”

The guest shook his head and laughed before becoming tearful.

“Phew, blimey,” he remarked, clearly choked up.

“But I know you’re just proud of your grandfather, so thank you very much for bringing them in, thank you,” Wayne said.

“Thank you for having me here,” the emotional guest responded.

Antiques Roadshow continues on Sunday at 6.15pm on BBC One.

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