Antiques Roadshow guest told sit down after getting his bargain chairs valued

An Antiques Roadshow guest was told to "sit down" when he was given the fantastic news he had accidentally bought designer chairs worth a fortune.

In a repeat episode of the BBC One aired on Sunday (August 22) the team was presented with rare treasures at Castle Ward in Northern Ireland.

Among the unique finds were some walnut chairs a savvy buyer bought for £1,000 with no idea of their worth, liking them simply because they were comfortable and stylish.

Mark Hill, the show's expert on rare collectibles, examined the Greek-style chairs and revealed a lot about their unique history.

He said: "There’s always an exception to every rule and this pair of chairs by T H Robsjohn-Gibbings is typical of that.

"While everyone was looking at Scandinavian designs and plastics, here Robsjohn-Gibbings looks all the way back to ancient Greece."

Mark then revealed more about the man behind the classical design.

"He was very unusual in his day, so he became perhaps one of America’s most influential and most important designers in the 1930s and 1940s," he said.

Mark added: "They really are superb quality.

"They are made out of walnut with this great quality leather webbing on top and they were designed in 1960 and if we look underneath them you’ll find a label."

On the label was the name of designer T H Robsjohn-Gibbings which was crucial to the valuation.

The lucky guest bought the stylish chairs for "comfort" and estimated he paid £1,000.

He was obviously gobsmacked to learn the chairs were actually worth £4,000 each – so £16,000 for the lot.

Mark joked he "might want to be sitting down" for the bombshell news.

Looking totally thrilled, the guest replied: "I’ll take that, that’s amazing. That’s really, really good."

This comes after an Antiques Roadshow guest was told his wooden club destined for firewood was worth at least £10,000.

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