Antiques Roadshow guests wowed as grandfathers old silver is valued at £1,000

A pair of very young guests on Antiques Roadshow were stunned when they were told the value of their great-great-grandfather's old silver.

In Sunday's episode of the BBC One show (September 19) filmed at Dyffryn Gardens near Cardiff, expert Duncan Campbell was charmed by a vast collection of silver that included vases and a model of a "pretty" bird and a "cute" cow now owned by the two girls.

He told the sisters: "Unless you two are the youngest silver dealers I've ever set eyes on, I'm guessing you must have been given this gorgeous collection of quite interesting silver."

One of the sisters said: "It was our granny's but before that, it was our great-great-granddad's."

They then shared a photograph of their great-great-grandfather Walter who had bought the silverware that was then passed down through the generations.

One of the sisters said her favourite piece was the silver bird, which had shining red eyes, while the other said she liked the silver dairy cow.

Duncan revealed that the cow was used as a jug for pouring cream and the bird was also a piece of tableware, with a removable head for seasoning food with ground black pepper.

"They are both lovely," he said and then explained both items were around 150 years old.

Both girls then correctly deduced that the cow was the more valuable piece because it contained the most silver, and the bird's eyes were made of red glass rather than rubies.

Duncan said: "It turns out you're right: the cow because it's bigger. The cow is worth somewhere in the order of £800 to £1,000."

The girls gasped and said: "That's a lot of money."

Duncan said the bird was worth between £300 and £400, which the girls admitted was "still a lot of money".

He added: "There are other things here worth quite a lot of money too so you will take care of this lot, won't you?"

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