Bachelor Production 'Looking into' Allegation that Creator Mike Fleiss Assaulted Pregnant Wife

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Warner Bros., the production company behind Mike Fleiss’ Bachelor franchise, has acknowledged the allegations leveled against him by his estranged wife, Laura Fleiss.

In a statement to PEOPLE, a spokesperson for Warner Bros. said, “We are aware of these serious allegations, and are looking into them.”

Mike, the creator of the lucrative reality TV franchise, was ordered by a judge on Tuesday to stay 100 yards away from his Laura after she filed a complaint alleging that he’d verbally and physically abused her. In her complaint, she submitted photos of injuries and bruises she suffered, as well as footage of an alleged altercation between the two caught on security cameras at the couple’s home in Hawaii on July 6.

According to court documents obtained by Deadline, the order will expire at the end of Mike’s next court hearing, which is scheduled for Aug. 6. Until then, he is to have no direct or indirect contact with her. He has also been ordered to move out of their home in Hanalei, Hawaii.

On Tuesday, Laura — a former Miss Wisconsin who was crowned Miss America in 2012 — filed for the emergency domestic violence restraining order after Mike, 55, allegedly physically attacked her and “demanded” she get an abortion over the July 4 weekend, according to her declaration obtained by The Blast. Laura, 31, said in the documents that she is “approximately 10 weeks pregnant.”

“Our son Ben was in the house, seated in another room nearby. Mike told me, ‘If you have an abortion, then we can just go back to the way we were,’ ” she claimed in the documents.

“Prior to July 4th, Mike threatened me that if I did not have an abortion, he would end the marriage. This was not the first time he had threatened a divorce during our marriage, but now, he was using this threat as leverage to force me to have an abortion,” she alleged.

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Mike — who recently filed for divorce — responded with his own declaration, in which he denied Laura’s claims and requested primary custody of their 4-year-old son, Ben.

“I have not hurt, attacked, or attempted to physically harm Laura or our child … in any way,” he stated, according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

He went on to allege that on July 6, “Laura was the aggressor during the incident and physically attacked me. I tried to get away from her as she was chasing me and hitting me. I have security footage from our home that shows the incident, which the Court can review.”

He claimed that he has “not had contact with our son in nine days.”

“The last time I saw or spoke to him was at the Hawaii house on July 7, 2019,” he said in the documents. “Due to Laura’s historical emotional instability, I am concerned about her and our son while in her care.”

The pair met in 2012 when she was a participant in the Miss America pageant and he was a judge. They got married on April 6, 2014 at his Malibu home in a ceremony officiated by the show’s host, Chris Harrison.

If you suspect domestic violence, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233, or go to All calls are toll-free and confidential. The hotline is available 24/7 in more than 170 languages.

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