Bargain Hunt expert left mum furious after uncovering truth about beloved antique chair

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David Harper has expressed his love for antiques and unique finds across many BBC shows over the years, such as Antiques Road Trip, Celebrity Antiques Road Trip, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Bargain Hunt. He recently opened up about his love and enjoyment of his job but admitted to angering his own mother as he began to learn more about antiques.

David knew from the moment he left school, he wanted to be self-employed and work for himself.

The expert decided early on he would make a living out of buying and selling cars and also dipping in and out of the world of antiques

Taking his ambitions and putting them into action, he started out by making little money but still learned a lot.

Recalling one time, his antiques education got him into trouble, he admitted he left his mother “furious”.

“The first time that I’d ever done any real research on an antique was when my mother came home and brought with her a chaise lounge.

“She told me this piece of furniture had once actually been owned by no less than Lord Nelson, [and] I was fascinated and determined to find out more about it.”

Getting to work and doing what he does best, he studied the chair right down to what type of fabric it was made of and how it was held together.

“Well, the upshot was that I was able to inform my mother, without any shred of a doubt, that it had been made a full 25 years after the hero’s death,” he told The Yorkshire Post.

“I was triumphant [but she, of course, was furious,” he teased.

After working on the chair and finding out the information his mother had been given was wrong, he learned an invaluable lesson when it comes to taking things at face value.

“Always research everything, and don’t be enticed by a rather good yarn, or the phrase ‘It’s said to have been…’

“Don’t trust anything until it has been proved without a shadow of a doubt, you never stop learning.”

David also admitted to making mistakes throughout his career but always uses these as a way to learn more rather than become “too complacent”.

While he may have angered his mother with the truth about her beloved chair, it was she who inspired his career.

His parents would take him on day trips to Yorkshire and bring back “prizes” for him to enjoy.

The items would often stay with the family over the years until they moved house or gave them away.

David was a firm favourite on Bargain Hunt for many years but in November 2020, he revealed he was saying goodbye to the show.

He posted on Twitter: “Bargain Hunt Announcement: After 15 happy years on @BBCBargainHunt, I’ve decided, now is the time to move on and hang up my golden gavels (I do have a few, I promise!) Thanks for the fun and memories. Cheers, and keep watching! David

“What can I say – huge and grateful thanks everyone for your comments, likes and shares after my post yesterday announcing that I’m leaving @BBCBargainHunt.

“I’m bowled over by your kind words, and they’re so very appreciated.”

Bargain Hunt airs weekdays on BBC One at 12.30pm.

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