BBC audience member warns out of touch Starmer to refocus Labour in brutal slap down

Labour has 'lost touch with ordinary people' says former member

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On BBC Debate Night on Wednesday, a member of the audience said Keir Starmer is too focussed on internal wrangling and should be attacking the Government. The furious audience member accused the Labour leader of forgetting how to “play the game of politics”. The slamming came as the Labour Party conference drew to a close with Sir Keir’s 90-minute speech to delegates.

Speaking from the audience seat, the man said: “I was a member of the Labour Party and I left because I get so disillusioned with the debate about how left-wing the party was actually going to be.

“And that’s where you’ve lost touch with a lot of ordinary people like myself.

“Secondly, you forgot how to play the game of politics, the pitfall place of this week has proven that 

“What was he doing, he was talking about the internal voting and the Labour Party when we could have absolutely taken Boris Johnson to the cleaners in a very simple exercise.”

He added: “That’s what’s got to happen.”

Keir Starmer has been making headlines this week about disputes between the leadership and the left.

He reopened a bitter internal row just days before his party’s annual conference.

He had tried to convince trade unions to back a plan to scrap the leadership rules which made predecessor Jeremy Corbyn to get elected.

During his speech on Wednesday, Sir Keir faced down Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters in the hall who heckled him repeatedly as he spoke.

However, he brushed them away by saying “shouting slogans or changing lives, conference?”

This earned him cheers from the audience.

Mr Starmer also hit out Boris Johnson during his speech. 

He also hit out at the Government and referenced his parents throughout 

He called Mr Johnson a “trivial man” and a “trickster”.

Mr Starmer said: “It’s easy to comfort yourself that your opponents are bad people, but I don’t think Boris Johnson is a bad man, I think he is a trivial man.

“I think he’s a showman with nothing left to show, I think he’s a trickster who has performed his one trick.”


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