Below Decks Captain Sandy on real reason for absence of key cast mate: Up to the captain

A dramatic look at Below Deck season 9 preview

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Bravo’s boating reality series Below Deck has retained its loyal following of viewers since 2013 for highlighting the drama which unfolds between crew members onboard a yacht. However, after viewers spotted the bosun role was left open, Captain Sandy Yawn revealed the real reason for its absence.

After starting out in season one as a deckhand, Eddie Lucas received his promotion to bosun in season two.

However, this year Eddie gained a new pair of stripes when Captain Lee Rosbach surprised him with a recent promotion to First Officer.

With the career progression, it was noticed the position to take over as bosun was never filled and remained open throughout the season.

To clear up confusion, Captain Sandy explained how every Captain regulated how their crew would be structured.

The Captain revealed every boat usually has a bosun, but the decision ultimately comes down to the Captain.

In an interview with Showbiz CheatSheet, she stated: “You know on a superyacht you have a first officer, sometimes a second officer.

“You always have a bosun, It’s up to the captain and how he wants to run the boat.

“In my career as a charter captain, I always had a bosun. I like having positions where people know they can move up,” she concluded.

Much like Eddie Lucas, Captain Sady provided hopefuls with the opportunities to develop their skills away from the screens with his career progression.

Sandy revealed: “But listen as a captain outside of the show I hire the first officer and I hire the engineer and the chief stew.

“And I allow them to hire their team. And they can label people however they want but in some cases, they say we’re all the same, period.”

This was witnessed in season six when Chief Stew Katie Flood informed stew Courtney Veale, they would refrain from having rank when they were left with only two stews.

Despite this, Sandy revealed she liked using the rank for her team and enjoyed using the term “junior or senior”.

The Captain then explained why she found it important to give her team a rank for the career progression and claimed it would provide them “initiative”.

She added: “I like that. But that’s me though and everybody’s different and obviously, the show is different as well.”

Sandy compared it to her own career before sharing she would definitely return to yachting if she left the Bravo series and remarked “yachting is in my blood”.

Below Deck’s Mediterranean spin-off consistently kept the ranks throughout the series and featured the show’s first female bosun, Malia White.

Things were different elsewhere in the Below Deck franchise, as the series Sailing Yacht never featured a bosun, instead, it had a first officer and then a two-person deck team.

While each season of Below Deck had usually had different ranks, every season except one and nine had a bosun.

Below Deck continues Monday on Bravo.

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