British soldier breaks down in tears recalling horrendous Afghan rescue

GMB: British Army commander gets choked up about Afghanistan

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On Thursday’s Good Morning Britain, ITV hosts Martin Lewis and Susanna Reid spoke with Wing Commander Calvin Bailey and Sgt Andy Livingstone about the parts they played in the Afghanistan rescue. Both soldiers, who spoke from Brize Norton via video link, said it was the most “horrendous” thing they have ever had to go through as they attempted to help people leave the country. However, during the interview Commander Bailey appeared to get choked up as he recalled the horrific scenes.

Viewers took to social media to praise both soldiers for their “acts of selflessness”.

One penned: “If these two don’t receive medals, I’m not sure who should.

“They represent those who really make their lives count. They live to serve others- a selfless & courageous way to live. Many voice their opinions of wanting the world to be better, but some just act to make it better!”

Another praised: “A hero helping those who can’t help themselves. A shining light and act of selflessness in this horrible, truthless, morally bankrupt country.”

“Heartbreaking to hear your reflections. Your bravery, courage, determination and strength should be rewarded. True heroes, thank you for everything you have done,” a third tweeted.

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