Canada’s Drag Race: Who left Canada’s Drag Race first? Eliminated queen reveals all

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RuPaul’s Drag Race fans were ecstatic to know a new version of the show has now been launched in Canada and is airing every Friday on BBC iPlayer for UK viewers. The first episode of Canada’s Drag Race was released today (July 3) by BBC Three and saw the first queen eliminated from the competition. spoke exclusively to the star who was told to sashay away to find out the lowdown on their exit.

Who left Canada’s Drag Race first?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the first episode of Canada’s Drag Race.

The latest series in the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise sees the hit show head to Canada with 12 new queens trying to become Canada’s next drag superstar.

The first episode introduced the new stars before inviting them to compete in a photoshoot challenge as well as being asked to make their own runway getup.

Some queens soared while others struggled as the first pair were challenged to perform in a lip sync battle.

Unfortunately, the queen sent home at the end of the episode was Toronto local Juice Boxx after she struggled in the runway challenge.


  • RuPaul’s Drag Race Canada: How to watch Canada’s Drag Race in the UK recently spoke to the 31-year-old star about her journey on the show and what’s next for her.

Speaking about her brief time on the show, she said of her first few days: “They were fun, I mean they’re stressful, but I think that was more me than anything!

“But it’s fun, it’s different to see what happens when you’re actually there, and when it’s not just on your TV screen watching it.”

And for her, it was a dream come true to be on the show as she was such a huge fan she’d never missed an episode.

So much so when she was first cast on the show, she admitted she didn’t quite think it was true.

Juice Boxx said: “I didn’t believe it, I sort of lived in doubt until it happened.

“It was wild – it was crazy to actually get there and for everything to be real and you can actually touch it!”

And despite only being in the show for one episode, Juice Boxx did make a big impact on viewers.

One of her most touching moments came in the dressing room where she tearfully confided in her fellow queens about her sobriety.


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Juice Boxx explained how important this was for her to share, adding: “It’s definitely something that I think people need to know about the community.

“People need to know that is an issue with some people because I feel like a lot of people just assume if you’re a drag queen, you love excessive drinking.

“I think [people] need to understand that not all of us want to partake in that and maybe sometimes we want to have a mocktail!”

As well as this, fans would have definitely felt for the star when she suffered the beginnings of a panic attack as she was receiving her criticism on the runway.

Explaining what went through her head at that moment, she said: “What’s going through your head at the moment is just a lot of screaming.

“But I think it was just one of those things where I think mentally I wasn’t the most prepared.”


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She added: “I think I just had to be like ‘I need a moment’ so I don’t fall over on this runway be the girl that fainted on episode one.”

But while her time on the competition has now come to an end, Juice Boxx revealed she has great plans to get back into the drag scene as soon as coronavirus is over.

She explained: “Right now I’m living with my parents and am just hanging out by the pool.

“But I’m hoping that once this whole covid thing calms down – hopefully everyone just keeps their masks on and washes their hands – that we can start working again.

“I miss working – I miss being in a sweaty bar with people screaming. I love that!”

Canada’s Drag Race drops on BBC iPlayer every Friday at 6am.

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