‘Can’t help you’ Ben Shephard shuts down Tipping Point guest as she asks for help

Tipping Point: Ben Shephard tells contestant he 'can't help'

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Tuesday’s classic episode of Tipping Point saw ITV host Ben Shephard welcoming four more players on the show to battle it out to win the £10,000 jackpot. Jason, Meg, Alyson and Andrew were the four budding quizzers hoping to take some cash from the machine. However, when Jason and Andrew bowed out of the contest in rounds one and two respectively, it was left to Meg and Alyson to battle it out for a spot in the final.

Alyson had secured a spot in the final head to head after racking up £1,200 in her prize fund, although she faced fierce opposition against Meg’s £1,500.

As a result, the pair did their best to try and answer as many questions as possible – even if they were unsure of the answer.

However, this approach backfired for Meg when Ben asked her: “Approximately 95 percent of the atmosphere of Mars is made up of which greenhouse gas?”

Laughing at the question, Meg turned to Alyson and said: “I feel like you might know this one…”

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Alyson gave her a small smile, not giving away whether she knew it or not, prompting Meg to reply: “Yeah, definitely.”

Meg then went on to ask Ben: “I’m thinking like carbon dioxide or – oxygen isn’t a greenhouse gas, is it?”

However, Ben quickly stopped Meg in her tracks, shutting down her enquiry.

“I can’t help you,” the Tipping Point host replied, shrugging his shoulders.

“Um, I think I’ll say oxygen,” Meg answered.

Before revealing the answer, Ben gave Alyson the opportunity to have a guess at answering where she replied: “Well I wouldn’t have had a clue Ben, but I probably would have said carbon dioxide.”

Realising she had messed up, Meg interjected: “Ahh I know I’ve done it wrong now, never mind.”

“Enjoy your counter,” she said as she turned to Alyson.

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Meg did in fact get the question wrong, which gave Alyson her counter which paved the way for her to make it to the final.

Alyson made the final after storming her way through the competition and managed to leave the show with £3,100 as she took the money rather than playing a final three counters for the final £10,000 jackpot. 

Her decision to take the money paid off, as she put the final three counters into the machine and the jackpot counter stood firm in the machine.

Viewers took to Twitter to discuss Meg’s question to Ben as well as the head-to-head as a whole.

One user said: “You had one job Meg! One job!!! #TippingPoint.”

“We would be living on Mars if it had Oxygen!!! #tippingpoint,” a second added.

One user thought that Ben’s snap was uncalled for as they wrote: “#tippingpoint bit harsh on Meg there Ben, did really well at the beginning.”

Another agreed and said: “I hope she did herself proud, not easy going on national tele under all that pressure #tippingpoint.”

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