Cardi B goes nearly nude & dances in JUST pink stickers & beads as she promotes new single UP

CARDI B strips down to only stickers as she promotes her new single UP out this Friday.

The rapper recently sparked rumors of a second pregnancy as she leaked a big announcement on social media.

Cardi, 28, teased a new single to her Instagram today as she shocked fans in revealing attire.

In a short video clip, the singer bounced back and forth as she showed off her virtually exposed figure.

Wearing only head-to-toe pink sparkly stickers and short-hanging beads, the mom of one flaunted her famous body as she danced.

With a little laugh at the end of the clip, Cardi captioned her display: "This outfit was all sticker on.UP OUT FRIDAY !! You ready ?"

Cardi's nearly nude outfit contradicts fan speculation of late, that the WAP singer is pregnant with her second child.

In another stunning video yesterday, the Bronx native posed on a grand staircase in a denim bikini, floor-length jacket, and matching Dior head scarf and bag.

While casually covering her stomach with the sweeping overcoat, the celebrity revealed that she has a "big announcement" for her fans.

With her hand over her tummy she declared: "I got an announcement to make tomorrow — bye," before clicking her mouth in true Cardi form.

The young mom already has one daughter, two-and-a-half-old Kulture, with her fellow musician husband, Offset.    

Though the couple has had a rocky relationship since their marriage in September of 2017, they recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of owning their Atlanta home together.

The jaw-dropping mansion was transformed into a winter wonderland over Christmas, as Cardi showed off her opulent decor.

Though the famed rapper claims she has worked diligently to earn her millions, some of her followers do not support her avid boasting.

Fans have slammed the artist for bragging about her wealth in the past after she asked the public if she should buy an $88,000 purse during the raging pandemic.

She tweeted: "Should I spend 88K for this d**n purse ? Omggg it’s tempting," as her followers exploded in rage over the ask.

Though many replied to the question to scold the rapper, she was quick to clap back with her many charitable actions over the years.

The I Like It singer donated a million dollars to Coronavirus aid and paid for 20,000 meal supplements to New York area medical staff in Spring of 2020.

"If I want to splurge I can without yall asking for handouts like me and my husband don’t do so. Thank you," she demanded.

Three years after their secret wedding, Cardi filed for divorce from her husband, claiming that their union was "irretrievably broken" due to cheating allegations.

However, in November of last year she dismissed the filing, admitting that the famed couple were back together.

In an Instagram video the Hustlers actress divulged that she forgave Offset because she was “crazy” and "wanted d**k.”

Last month Cardi further confirmed their love when she shared a zoomed-in picture of the Migos rapper grabbing her behind.

She captioned the bikini booty shot: "Can’t wait to get home ….HornyHyena," as she referenced Offset.

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