Carnival Row stars confirm ‘storybook shut’ on season three

Carnival Row Season 2 – Official Trailer with Orlando Bloom

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Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne have finally returned as Rycroft ‘Philo’ Philostrate and Vignette Stonemoss for the final battle to take back control of the Burgue in the second season of Carnival Row. With millions of fans expected to tune in to the premiere on Prime Video this week, the cast and showrunner Erik Oleson have unfortunately still ruled out a potential third season to continue the saga.

Oleson and the Carnival Row cast have shut down any hopes of the series continuing past its latest season.

Fans have been waiting four years for the fantasy crime drama to return, and the new showrunner has assured them the final episodes will deliver.

“All the actors I spoke to were thrilled with their storylines,” he told

“Nobody came to me and said they were unhappy. We dug in and wanted to make sure that every actor was given the chance to shine.”

In season two, Philo launches an investigation into a series of chilling murders on the Row.

Meanwhile, Vignette prepares to strike back at the Burgue’s human leaders Jonah Breakspear (Froushan) and Sophie Longerbane (Ford) who have been stoking more political unrest.

There is also an entire ensemble cast featuring several newcomers to contend with, but Olesen was given two extra episodes to balance the storylines and deliver a thrilling climax.

“I’m hopeful [fans will be] very satisfied,” he said. “It really comes together in an explosive way.”

“We were told that it would wrap up the season, but we were still filming. So we were able to go back and retrofit some stuff to get us to that.

“Actually, don’t tell Jeff Bezos this, but it was kind of awesome! Because we got to go do a second draft. Like, ‘Oh, we can do better, lets go re-do that scene’.

“And you never get the chance to do that. You can’t do an entirely new sequence or things like that, so that was the silver lining of the COVID nightmare.”

With new supernatural and human threats for the face to face, many fans will undoubtedly be left wanting more once the series wraps up.

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Unfortunately, Froushan confirmed: “I think the storybook has been closed, for now at least.

“But I think you’ll find the knots have been tied. The I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed in a way fans will be satisfied with.”

He also echoed Oleson’s thoughts and assured viewers: “It doesn’t disappoint.

“It’s certainly eventful, and I would say our characters contribute dramatically in a significant way this season.”

“I think fans will be satisfied with how we wrap up the storylines in general,” Froushan’s co-star Ford added.

“They’ve done a very good job in covering a lot of ground this season. And it was very important to give a conclusive story that people will be satisfied with.”

Although the story of the Row sadly won’t be continuing, fans will at least be happy the finale won’t be leaving any loose threads or unanswered questions.

Carnival Row season 2 continues Fridays on Prime Video.

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