Challenge Anneka revival ‘will return’ on brand new channel ‘Love to see it back’

Strictly: Anneka Rice says not choosing own music is 'agony'

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The popular show, Challenge Anneka, ran from 1989 until 1995 and had continued to be a fan-favourite amongst BBC audiences. Hosted by Anneka Rice, the TV star would often be seen driving around in a large blue truck for her frequent trips to persuade companies and people to take part in her charitable acts. Regarded as the UK’s action girl, the Ex-Strictly star could be making a huge comeback on a brand new channel with her flagship programme.

It has been reported that the beloved TV veteran is currently in talks with Channel 5 about making a full comeback with the series.

The presenter was seen having to complete a series of tasks, usually for charity.

Speaking about a revival, an insider began: “There’s a real taste for bringing back classic shows right now, given viewers’ thirst for nostalgia.

“Anneka is hopeful a deal can be struck as she believes there is still plenty of life in the format and that she can also attract a new, younger audience.

They added to The Sun: “It was a much-loved show with good intentions, so there’s no reason why it can’t continue where it left off.”

After several one-off specials during the noughties, the programme had failed to spark attention with audiences.

The format of Challenge Anneka involved Rice being given a task to accomplish within a certain period, usually two or three days.

While discussing a potential comeback on the show’s 30th anniversary, the presenter said: “The affection for it is epic. “It is overwhelming on a daily basis.” “So many people were touched by the series.

People’s lives were literally changed,” the TV starlet said back in 2019.

The beloved presenter was also distinguished by her frequent use of a mobile phone, to organise the projects.

Starting her career, the award-winning broadcaster kickstarted her glittering career with a training course at the BBC.

The 60-year-old presenter then moved on to The World Service before heading to Hong Kong to work for English-speaking TV company TVB.

During her stint on Strictly Come Dancing, Anneka had been paired with professional partner Kevin Clifton.

The pair had taken on a Kill Bill inspired Charleston, which Anneka claimed caused a physical strain on her body, despite her career on BBC’s Challenge Anneka.

The reality star confessed: “I’d never really been badly injured in my life, considering all the lunatic stunts and things I’ve done.

“But it brings you very low because I obviously wondered whether I’d ever recover.”

She added to the My Mate Bought A Toaster podcast: “I got quite depressed afterwards.

“The bit I didn’t expect was how broken I’d be, for someone who’s very fit.”

Not shy of a challenge, Anneka claimed she had only danced “a few” times before taking on Strictly.

Before her stint on the programme, she told BBC audiences: “I’ve tried a few times to dance – two Zumba classes, disaster. I couldn’t keep up.

“Could do the top half and could do the bottom half, but not at the same time or in the right order.”

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