Charles wont come out of this well Fresh fears over The Crown

Russell Myers says he thought title of Harry's memoir 'was a meme'

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Talking about the highly-anticipated series five of The Crown, Lorraine Kelly and Russell Myers detailed the storylines coming up on Lorraine’s self-titled chat show, and explained why some plots might make for uncomfortable viewing for the Royal Family. Grimacing at the thought, Lorraine expressed fears “Charles won’t come off well” in the Netflix series.

Many prominent names have already spoken out to blast the upcoming series.

The series is set around the early 90s, and will show Charles, who at the time was the Prince of Wales (played by Dominic West) speaking to John Major (Jonny Lee Miller) about a bid to replace the Queen (Imelda Staunton).

It will also delve into Charles’ relationships with both Diana, Princess of Wales and Camilla.  

The former Conservative Prime Minister John Major has already hit back against upcoming depictions in the series, insisting the storyline is “a barrel-load of nonsense”.

Analysing the controversy of the series, Russell remarked: “This series is certainly the most controversial yet.

“It will be looking at the relationship between King Charles – Prince then, as he was known and Princess Diana.

“And rather excruciatingly, I’m sad to say, Prince Charles and Camilla’s relationship is picked apart.

The private phone conversations that were released, tampon-gate that came out.”

“My toes were curling,” Lorraine replied, cringing. “It was horrific.”

“We can all say it’s rather embarrassing,” Russell stated. “But on a lighter note, I have an exclusive clip for you – this is from the new series.”

After the clip was shown, Lorraine confessed: “Prince Charles… probably not going to come out of this particularly well.”

“No, I can’t imagine so,” Russell agreed. “It’s unfortunate because I think there is a groundswell of public support for the royals at the moment.”

Lorraine and Russell also described why they both believed the front cover and name of Harry’s memoir was “a joke”.

“This book is coming out and there have been suggestions that maybe Prince Harry might come over here to promote it, I doubt that,” Lorraine commented.


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She added: “I think people will go to him. because is his friend not Tom Bradbury, he did the interview with Meghan, didn’t he?”

“But I would imagine he’ll choose whoever he wants to talk to and they’ll go to him.”

“Whatever happens, everybody around the world is going to be talking about it,” Russell commented.

“We’re already talking about it – of course, we had the revelation of the book called Spare.”

“See, I thought that was somebody being cruel,” Lorraine admitted.

“Well, I thought it was a meme when I saw it,” Russell agreed.

Lorraine went on: “I saw it online and I thought, ‘That’s a bit mean to do that’ and then I thought, ‘Oh God.'”

“Well, of course, it’s in reference to the heir and the spare, which is what Princess Diana had sort of coined,” Russell explained.

He continued: “And rather unkindly, he always thought that it was a bit of a slur, he wasn’t comfortable with it, and yet here we are, this is going to be the title of his long-awaited memoir.”

Lorraine airs weekdays from 9am on ITV.

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