‘Chicago Fire’: Is Severide Really Happy for Kidd?

Relationships tend to be tricky on Chicago Fire (and all the other Chicago franchises, for that matter). One relationship that has gone through some ups and downs is the one between Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo).

Kidd was recently encouraged to take the lieutenant’s exam. Severide says he’s happy for her, but is this really the case? Here’s Showbiz Cheat Sheet’s take on the latest Chicago Fire drama.

Boden wants Kidd to take the lieutenant’s exam

During season 9, episode 1 (titled “Rattle Second City”), Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) asks Kidd to take the lieutenant’s exam. He was impressed with her performance during a recent fire rescue, where she helped Severide escape.

After the rescue, Severide told Boden about how she helped him. In addition, Boden has seen how passionate Kidd has been with her Girls on Fire program. Her leadership and firefighting skills convinced Boden she’s ready for a leadership role.

“There are not enough women or people of color in leadership positions inside of the Chicago Fire Department,” says Boden. “So, when the lieutenant’s test is offered in a few months, I want you to take it.” When Kidd asks if he thinks she’s ready for the next step in her career, Boden says she’s “courageous, intelligent, fierce, and honorable.” He tells her that’s the definition of a leader and it’s time for everyone to see what she’s made of.

Severide’s reaction to Kidd’s upcoming test

At first, Severide seems supportive, excited, and engaged when talking to Kidd. He even offers to help her study for the lieutenant’s exam. However, by season 9, episode 2, he’s distracted when interacting with her.

Severide’s mind is likely somewhere else because he wanted to locate the totaled ambulance (the ambulance door had his deceased colleague’s name on it and she meant a lot to him, so he wanted to get the door off the old ambulance). However, Severide generally seemed disconnected from Kidd during their discussion at the beginning of the episode.

We’re wondering if Severide is worried that things will change between them if Kidd gets promoted to lieutenant. Can he handle dating a woman who has just as much power as he does?

Severide’s past relationships

Severide has had an active romantic life. He’s had trouble staying in a stable relationship. Some of the women from his past include Chicago Med nurse April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta), Chicago P.D. detective Erin Lindsay (Sophia Bush), ex-fiancée Renee Whaley, Anna Turner, Hope Jacquinot, and more. Considering Severide’s track record, we wouldn’t be surprised if Kidd’s career ambitions cause them to break up.

What else is happening on ‘Chicago Fire’

Matt and Sylvie (Kara Killmer and Jesse Spencer) are continuing their complicated dance. They finally get to a point where it looks like things are moving forward and they share a kiss. However, Sylvie stops to ask Matt if he would ever go back to Gabby if she decided to return to Chicago. At first, Matt says he hasn’t spoken to Gabby in a long time. He was trying to avoid the question.

After some prodding, Matt admits he doesn’t know what he would do if Gabby came back and asked him to leave with her. It’s clear Matt isn’t over her. Sylvie thanked him for his honesty and asked him to leave her apartment. Is this it for these two? Did their relationship end before it even started?

Another relationship that seems to be heating up is the one between Gianna and Blake (Adriyan Rae and Alberto Rosende). They’re interested in each other, but Joe (Joe Minoso) doesn’t like the idea of them dating each other. He warned Blake to stay away. Gianna doesn’t care and seems determined to go after what she wants.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays on NBC at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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