Cliff Richard sparks backlash for miming on This Morning

This Morning: Sir Cliff Richard performs new song 'Heart Of Christmas'

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Sir Cliff Richard dressed in a red snakeskin leather jacket to sing his new festive song, Heart of Christmas, on the latest episode of This Morning. He took to the studio floor in front of his band and backing singers as he swayed to the cosy jingle. However, eagle-eyed viewers were left convinced the 82-year-old was “miming” throughout the performance. 

After nearly two decades, Sir Cliff has released a new Christmas album for his loyal fans. 

The album is named Christmas with Cliff and it consists of much-loved classics with new joyful festive hits. 

This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield introduced the legend and his band ahead of their performance on Tuesday’s show.

Sir Cliff danced and walked around as he sang Heart of Christmas after Holly said he would get everyone in the “Yuletide mood” this December. 

However, many This Morning fans hit out at Sir Cliff’s performance, with Ruth tweeting: “Lip syncing on @thismorning. Come on Sir Cliff, I thought you were better than that!”

A confused Lisa Leviston asked: “Cliff, is he miming #ThisMorning?” 

Dan penned: “Microphone by his waist, but Cliff Richard’s vocals continue? Christmas magic?” (sic) 

Dayjur added: “Cliff is c**p at miming. #ThisMorning.” 

This Morning has been contacted for comment by 

However, a more supportive Becky Connolly shared: “It’s a big old cheese-fest but what a wonderful witness Cliff Richard’s Christmas song Heart of Christmas is. Well done for airing it #ThisMorning.” 

Stephen Havard added: “Cliff Richard certainly knows how to do a Christmas song. #ThisMorning.”

Sir Cliff’s performance comes just days after he was interviewed on the ITV talk show about having four Christmas number-one singles throughout his career. 

He also discussed his future in music and touched upon the strain that singing has on his vocal chords. 

Holly asked about Sir Cliff’s upcoming tour next year, to which he revealed: “I am going to tour next year.

“I am only doing about eight shows I think, the days of me going on tour for six months are way behind me.

“It is so terrifying to be on tour for lengths of time because you never know what day you are going to wake up and that [voice] is not going to work.” 

However, the musician said he was confident he will be able to sing right the way through his tour. 

Phillip asked Sir Cliff if he has any plans to retire as he approaches his mid-eighties. 

However, the singer said: “We have all known artists who retire, they make four or five comebacks.

“And every time I hear someone making a comeback I am thinking, ‘They have run out of money’ so I don’t want anyone to say that about me.

“So I thought if I stop, it means I can stop working for a couple of years and then phone my management and say how about the Albert Hall for a couple of weeks.”

This Morning airs on weekdays from 10am on ITV. 

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